Pre-Game Review




  Pre-Game Review – Galavant  (“Aw, Hell, The King” & “Bewitched, Bothered, Belittled”)



          After watching the two recently released sneak peaks of this week’s upcoming Galavant episodes; many questions are a glow with the need of answers. Does our beloved King Richard (Timothy Omundson) find his one True Love? Will Princess Isabella (Karen David) marry her much younger cousin (“Up, our family tree goes up. No branches!”). Given the dilemmas currently in progress, anything could be possible. I’m still in stitches from last week’s season two premiere. Honestly though, who wouldn’t be after watching “Off With His Shirt”?


          Alright, so what can expect from Sunday night’s episodes?


           Following the really, really, really awful medieval Skype call where mixed messages were flying left and right; the reluctant bromance between Richard and Galavant (Josh Sasse) continues to develop as the heroic knight helps the king find his place. It doesn’t help -spoiler alert- that Richard’s castle literally vanished. However, the show must go on which leads them into town where democracy has seemingly gained foot hold. [Insert Song Here] We then of course have Isabella’s dilemma  as her marriage to Prince Harry seems to being moving right along. Can’t forget about the “new” king – Gareth (Vinnie Jones) – and the Evil Queen Madalena (Mallory Jansen) finding their groove around with each other.

Enjoy and don’t forget to tune in Sunday @ 8:00 PM on ABC.






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