Stay2uned’s Exclusive Interview with “Lucifer’s” D.B. Woodside


*Ye Be Warned: There are spoilers ahead for the sixth and final season of Netflix’s “Lucifer”. Also, the following transcript has been edited for content and clairty.*

A few weeks ago, yours truly had the absolute pleasure of getting to sit down and speak with “Amenadiel” himself, D.B. Woodside. Honestly, I still can’t believe that such an opportunity came about to do just that. The following text is the transcription from our interview with D.B..


What was the most memorable experience for you from the sixth and final season?

D.B. Woodside:

“The most memorable, wow. I’m probably going to have to go ahead and say the most memorable is my last day. Because my last day filming, I’m sorry, not my last day. But my last speaking day, it was my last scene with Tom. And the last scene I had with him is the last time you see the brothers together in the in the finale, and that was at very hard to do. But it was just lovely being with Tom. And you know, my first scene in Lucifer when we started this, this weird little journey was with Tom and my last scene at the end of this journey was with Tom. So, it really was bookended nicely. And it was great to start it and finish it with him.”


Awesome. Yeah, that scene. I mean, the entire six season was just completely incredible. Speaking of the journey, your character “Amenadiel”, he has had quite the journey from the very beginning to the very end of the show. How would you describe that journey that has been on?


“Challenging, overwhelming, a roller coaster. This, by far was the hardest character I’ve ever had to play. And every season that I came back, I felt like I was playing a completely different character. And that was hard. That was really challenging. I think he was a difficult character to pin down. I also think that he, every season we came back at done had grown so much, you know, started out as someone who was very kind of cold and, and insensitive, and argumentative, and self-righteous.

And the closer he got to humans, we really started to see his own humanity and, and his own sensitivity. And the fact that he wasn’t an asshole, he was just someone who really wanted to make an impact. And I think he learns the hard way. Which is sometimes what it takes for us to learn. I think he learned the hard way to come from a place of love. And that if he’s coming from a place of love, rather than a place of strength, that more people would be open to hearing what he has to say. And he has such a unique perspective. But I think he finally figured it out by the time we got to the end.”


What was your inspiration to get into character for “Amenadiel”?


“That’s a great question. That’s a really great question.”


I stumped you there. [Laughs]


“Yeah, you did. That’s great, though. I mean, I suppose you know, unconsciously. I was just talking about this a little bit with the person right, right before you so, it’s still in my consciousness. I suppose that we’ve been, you know, passively, really analyzing what it is to be a man. Right? What makes a good man? What makes a decent man and it’s my hope that we are embracing, nurturing, challenging men to live much more sensitive lives.

To be kind. To pursue sensitivity to be vulnerable. Stepping into every situation because there really is no other way to live life. I don’t think that it does any of us any good to try and plow through life and to impose our will on to people or situations. That never works. And so, I think maybe hopefully, unconsciously, there was something that that I brought to it because as a, as a, as a black man, as a sensitive black man growing up in this country, it has been, it’s been difficult. And I’ve always chosen to live within my sensitivity, so maybe get out.

Maybe, maybe infusing “Amenadiel” with my own personal life. And my, my own struggles, too, exist in this country as a sensitive black man. Hopefully some of that has been injected into this this character. I hope that answers your question”.


At the end of 5B, “Lucifer” was going to be the new “God”. And then this season, “Amenidel” ultimately takes up the mantle, and becomes “God”. What was your reaction to this story development?


“You know, I mean, in a funny way, I feel like that was to be expected. You know, and I don’t say that as the D.B. the actor. I say that, as a fan of the show, that Amenadiel was someone that had been nurtured for that job, had been groomed for that job since he came into existence.

  As wonderful as Lucifer is, and the growth that he has gone through. I think it’s fair to say that being God is not exactly his career path. Right. I think he has other gifts, and other things that he’s exceptional at. I think that Amenadiel finally embraced the idea of joining the family business. And running the family business as he sees fit, with the help, with the assistance of his siblings to make it more of a community rather than one person’s work, rather than one person imposing just their will. He’s opened it up. And it’s, it reminds me of the story of King Arthur, you know about him creating that Roundtable. And that once everybody was sitting around that table, they all had an equal say, and what they were planning on doing.

 And so, I think a Amenidel feels like, you know, “I don’t want to be this all powerful being that imposes my will, on to humanity.  I want this to be a group effort. I want this to be all of us. Let’s, let’s all do this together.” And I think that’s beautiful. And I think, as I said, I think, you know, I know for a fact that Lucifer has so many other gifts and talents and, but I think this one was Amenadiel’s and was always going to be his. I just think that he had to go on a little bit of a journey to figure out that the, the place where he needed to be, the place that he would truly have, the greatest impact is where he actually came from. And he just had to come home to really realize that.”


The ending of the series, I went through a box of tissues, I mean, I was just speechless, and I know fans are going to be speechless, too. I have one final question for you. Is there anything you would like to say to the fans?


“Oh, my God, I don’t want to get emotional this early in the morning. Listen, it’s, first, I want to say just for me personally, that the fans are the only reason why I continue doing this show. I mean, you know, I love the cast, I love the crew, love the writers. That’s not what I mean. What I mean is their, their love. I think sometimes you know, as an actor, you’re just on a show and you hear is popular, and you get along great with your cast and crew and you’re having a good time, right. Every day is nice, because you’re working with people that you love.

It’s great. But to come across a show like this, where it seems to have has such an impact on people’s lives. And to hear that season by season. I don’t know how you can, how you can be an artist and not have that effect to that it’s not just about us being on set, having good time and, and loving every day and loving each other. That’s great. And that’s the most desired job, you know, that you desire jobs like that.  You want to be on a set where you’re having a great time with everyone. You know, I’ve been blessed to have that a few times in my, my career but, but the fans reaction to this show has been something – it’s something that I’ve never experienced.

And I just want to thank them because, we were dead in the water, we were done. And they did not just let us go away. They – I’ve never seen anything like that, I’ve never seen people come together and fight and love something so much that they resurrected, not once, not twice, but three times, you know. And that more than anything else will stay with me for the rest of my days. I love the fans of Lucifer, love them,  love them, love them because they allowed me to continue to work with people that I enjoy,  that I respect,  that I got to grow with all because of their love for the show. They’ve given me so much. And I will forever love that and as a result of them – forever love the show. So, thank you, thank you so much. And please stay with me as I because it’s not all over, as I continue my career. I hope that some of them will come along with me and support me and love me the way that I love them.

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