Take Two: Lucifer Season 6 Photos

*Actual photo of the “intern”* (Photo Credit: Marvel/Disney)

*Ye be warned spoilers are ahead…*

For the briefest of moments/ hours this afternoon, sixty-one brand new photos from the sixth and final season of Netflix’s show, “Lucifer”, made waves throughout the fandom. We were treated to our first true and official look at this upcoming season – just days after the release date was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con. However, this large amount of photos weren’t quite meant to be released. Yes, the infamous and mysterious “intern” at Netflix delivered again, causing the show’s fans – Lucifans- to collectively forget how to breathe. Temporarily. Could this be the same “intern” that accidently released the premiere date for 5B before they were supposed too?

In the meantime, please do enjoy these never before seen photos of season 6.

The sixth and final season of “Lucifer” premieres on September 10th. Special thanks to Netflix for these photos. And as always, stay 2uned ;).

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  1. Kathleen murphy says:

    I do not want this to end. Lucifer has kept me entertained and sane during this horrible pandemic days. I watch the show over and over again and would like it to be there for me whenever I turn on Netflix in fact I must say that I have watched all the seasons many times. A big thank you and love to Lucifer and the cast and everybody involved in this wonderful show.

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