Off To The Rock Opera: ONCE Style

Photo Credit: Dork & Dame Media


By: Jennifer Phares



After months of listening to the amazing soundtrack of Once Upon a Time: The Rock Opera – I was finally able to watch it online. Thankfully this was not an April fool’s prank…had it been and I’m quite sure an angry mob would’ve been dispatched at once to get revenge against the evil foe whom… *ahem*. Like I said, it was no joke and as promised, the creative force behind this parody released it online for fans everywhere to watch.

For those of you not aware of this kick-butt rock opera – let’s start at the beginning.  Hopefully you at least know about ABC’s Once Upon a Time and how it’s gone to…, currently in its fifth season. The basic plot follows Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) as she journeys through the many worlds with her family in tow. Be it a dark curse or a body snatching teenager-not-a-teenager – you name it and they’ve faced it at some point or another.  Every Sunday night at 8:00 PM on the nose and you get whisked away into the insanity that is OUAT.



Photo Credit: Dork & Dame Media

Cue OUAT: The Rock Opera – part of its brilliance comes from just how well they drive the insanity point home. Nothing demonstrates this better than in the opening number, “Enchanted Forest”. I am trying to avoid any spoilers for those yet to have seen the opera.  Suffice to say, yours truly was doubled over with laughter.


Photo Credit: Dork & Dame Media

So, just what exactly is this rock opera?  It’s a one hundred percent, fan made production that classically spoofs the television show, Once Upon a Time.  The brainchild of the multi-talented Erin Stegeman Marrero – OUAT: The Rock Opera takes place during the third season of the show. All of your favorite characters appear, adding to the fun. If you are a true ONCER, then you will enjoy this outstanding tribute to the show. And not to worry because most every ship gets a nod to – one in particular which made my jaw hit the floor.


Photo Credit: Dork & Dame Media



The journey begins at where you can purchase OUAT: The Rock Opera for either $20.00 – which includes the soundtrack and behind the scenes stuff OR $15.00 for just the opera.  Either way it’s quite the steal and a well worth investment. The creative force behind this also hosts a weekly podcast – Once Upon A Wine. Oh and one more thing, try to see them live this upcoming summer as they tour the US and…the world. Ticket information regarding their world tour can be found at    Additional information can be found on their official website –




Once Upon a Time airs Sunday @ 8:00 PM EST on ABC.











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