Once Upon a Time – S5 Rewind

Credit: ABC Studios

by: Jennifer Phares




*Mumbles incoherently.* What..just…happened?


The fifth season finale of Once Upon a Time was one that caught EVERYONE by surprise.




–WARNING- Spoilers are ahead. –WARNING-



Normally I don’t fancy writing episodic reviews but I feel the need to break tradition if but for one night. As of years passed, OUAT really hasn’t left its’ fans jaws on the floor. The only time before tonight’s was at the end of season three when Elsa arrived in town. That aside, the plot twists were growing stale UNTIL:

The EVIL freaking QUEEN is now her own, literal self, separated from REGINA. Finally, the writers of OUAT have done something different. As a fan of the show, I can honestly say it is about time that things were shaken up a bit. Instead of turning outward in a manner of using curses and portals and traveling to different realms; they turned inwards and gave us our beloved Evil Queen back.  Didn’t I also mention that Emma seemed to know bondage 101 when she chained the Evil Queen up on the roof top?

At this very moment, fan fiction authors are putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard as stories are beginning to develop. Quite frankly I don’t think anything could have prepared this fandom for what went down. Everything seemed to be leading up to this moment and by the powers that be, it has arrived.

Credit: ABC Studios


Alright, now that yours truly has calmed down (slightly), let us review this season of Once Upon a Time:

It has been an interesting journey to say the least, this season of Once Upon a Time. Beginning with the promise of Emma Swan becoming the Dark One – which I might add, did not play out exactly how anyone thought. We all watched her struggle with her not so inner demons and eventually leading a “rescue” party down to Hades to save the pirate. We also observed just how ungrateful said pirate was when Emma saved his life. We were introduced to the Camelot crew, the Brave Princess, oh and we finally saw ONCE cross into interesting waters with a damn fine relationship developing between Red and Dorothy.

Again, none of the above can hold a candle to the deliciously evil reveal.


What happens now…? Until September heralds the sixth season premiere, there are plenty of soon to be fan fictions to be read and re watching to do.


To be continued…

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