The Rocky Horror Picture Show – Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

 rocky-horror-press-fox-2016-billboard-1548(Image Credit: Fox)

  Many moons ago in the year 1975, a cult phenomena took hold in theaters all across the county and eventually, the world. The Rocky Horror Picture Show or The Rocky Horror Show is a musical that follows the lives of, “two young, ordinary, healthy kids” as they go on…an adventure of sorts. One thing is for certain – neither would be the same ever again. And for those of you out there that have no idea what this is about…well, then on October 20th, tune into Fox for their two hour movie event of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now for those of you, like yours truly, that adore this cult sensation – you do not want to miss this. As you are undoubtedly aware of, there have been some rather unpleasant backlash, if you will, regarding Fox’s move to “re make” RHPS. And at first, I too was skeptical of such a move but then I realized – that’s not what they have done. From everything that has been released – behind the scenes snippets, interviews, sneak peaks – you can just feel just how much heart and soul they have put into this project. Everyone involved in this project have done a truly outstanding job of bringing this to life.

  The first five minutes of the October 20th special – a.k.a Science Fiction, Double Feature – quite frankly there are no words to describe it. Be sure to look twice at all of the special features, if you will, especially during the opening number. Check out the video below of what all you can expect and don’t forget to tune in on Thursday, October 20th on Fox.

(Video Credit: Fox)


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