Netflix: Oh How You Play With Our Hearts

Each month Netflix announces its list of additions and removals and the announcement is met with an abundance of emotions. There’s joy that a movie or tv show has been added and there’s the sense of dread when a show or movie is listed on the removals. There are plans made for binge-watching and viewing parties among friends for titles among both lists. Excitement and the feeling of “it’s finally here” for those on the coming soon list, and the sense of finality and nostalgia for ones on the “see it before it’s gone” list.

For some of us, these lists can toy with us at the best of times and completely rip out our hearts at the worst. The months of September and October played out this way specifically for devotees of the shows ‘Galavant’ and ‘Psych’.

It was great news heralded and celebrated when FINALLY ‘Galavant’ was going to start streaming on Netflix beginning September 7th, 2016. Supporters of the #MoreGalavant campaign felt like a huge step had been taken in someday getting a third season into the franchise. All that will be needed are the viewership numbers and interest to continue the adventure. Although some international Netflix subscribers will be left waiting for the musical, massive progress has been made.

All was good and shiny and happy.

Then a week later the discovery was made while casually browsing the Netflix catalog: The tv show ‘Psych’ that ran for eight seasons between the years 2006 and 2014, with its 120 episodes and fun, quirky characters so loved by fans the world over, was on Netflix’s removal list.

The final day to watch ‘Psych’ on the streaming site was September 30th, 2016.  For some, the date was a hard, fast deadline to finish up the last few seasons or episodes before its removal. For others, who have just started the show, the date has brought them anxiety and panic: how were they supposed to watch six or seven seasons in twenty-seven-ish days?!

The news of ‘Psych’s removal in the wake of ‘Galavant’s addition played an emotional tug-of-war on the hearts of people, like the writer of this article, who are loyal Timothy Omundson fans, as he stars in both series. We are beyond ecstatic to see ‘Galavant’ get its moment in the sun and to gain even MORE viewers while on Netflix. We will finally have the ability to rewind, fast-forward and watch and re-watch our favorite moments instantly and without the intrusion of ads. But the idea of continuing past October first in a world without ‘Psych’ at the touch of a button was a hurt we hadn’t felt since its cancellation announcement in February of 2014.

Having ‘Psych’ removed from Netflix, from a fan’s point of view, was like watching a ship sail away into the sunset. Netflix was our last safe harbor to watch the show- until NOW. (as an update to this article, originally written in September 2016)— It is with happiness that I share that syndicated ‘Psych’ episodes are back on ionTV in the early morning, set your DVRs ANDif you’re wanting online streaming access to the show, please check out is a relatively new service that this writer was waiting to test its longevity before getting fans’ hopes up with an announcement. You CAN watch episodes without setting up an account, but having a login lets the folks at know there’s interest in their service and has your favorite shows on hand.

PsychOs- remember there has ALWAYS been the possibility and potential for a ‘Psych’ movie or reunion in the future! We just have to wait for it… and Dulé Hill was recently interviewed and said the same thing: “Hold On PsychOs”. Well, Mr. Hill- we are holding on.

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