Episode Review – Wynonna Earp

SPOILER ALERT: Read at your own risk.


What. The. Actual. *Insert chosen naughty word.* Friday night’s episode was one for the record books, folks, as so much went down that fans like yours truly has yet to recover. It seems as though the Earp sisters can’t catch a break, now can they? Now to make matters EVEN worse – the third seal has been taken by the Widow Sisters so that a Hellish threesome can begin.


So, “taken” may be too strong of a word choice, considering that Waverly handed it over. Not that I can blame her given the sheer amount of distress running havoc in that town. Heh, at first I thought that just maybe Waves gave the ring TO Nichole and whooh – immortal Agent Haught. Then we could have avoided the whole ‘Double, Double, Toll and Trouble’ montage and all’s well that ends well. Alas, that wouldn’t nearly be interesting as a reset washing over Purgatory.


Oh and perhaps once (if) the day gets saved, someone should really tell Waves that…all magic comes with a price.



Serious Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Moments: (In No Particular Order)

  1. Nicole having a…WIFE?!  -Raise your hand if your saw THAT one in the cards.
  2. Nedley sassing demon Mercedes. – You go, Sheriff!
  3. Wynonna and Doc saving said Nedley, followed by just desserts. – Crazy chic with a gun.
  4. Silence of the Lambs…Remix? – Priceless
  5. Doc and Wynonna bonding. – Awww you guys!
  6. Nicole saving Waves and vice versa. – Kicking ass and taking names.
  7. Dancing with the devil(s)? – Waverly, Waverly, Waverly…you shouldn’t have.



Don’t miss an all new episode of Wynonna Earp – Friday @ 10 PM on Syfy.






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