Another Galaxy. Not Yours: Vagrant Queen

It’s no secret that fans of one show or another tend to keep a watchful eye on the horizon for new shows and or projects that share the same creative talent. This goes for the folks on and off camera. Yours truly took a one way ticket to “Hell” a few years ago when I discovered the now Netflix original show, “Lucifer“. How? Simple, I watched episode 2×16 – “God Johnson” – that had one of my favorite actors guest starring. From there, I was simply enthralled with the show and the rest, as they say, is history.

The same holds true for “Vagrant Queen“, as one of the lead cast members, (Tim Rozon), happens to be in another show that is near and dear to so many hearts, mine included, called “Wynonna Earp”. You may or may not have heard of said so – and if you haven’t… – Netflix is an excellent place to binge the current three seasons. (Shameless plugs, I know, but all three mentioned shows are well worth watching 🙂

So, “Vagrant Queen” – the best way to describe this out of the world show AND graphic novel is in one, simple word: vibrant. It is a living, breathing, badass adaptation of Magdalene Visaggio’s 2018 graphic novel of the same name.

The story follows Elida, (Adriyan Rae), a once child queen who has no desire for the throne – as she travels the galaxy (not ours) on the run from forces that would see her dead. Along the way, she meets a rather savory scavenger (-cough- cowboy 😉 -cough-) by the name of Issac, (Tim Rozon) and the two set about in an interesting/eventful friendship. Eventually their friendship turns stale and they part ways…until he returns into her life with news: her mother whom she thought dead for years is alive. Swallowing her doubts, Elida rejoins Issac and both cross paths with a very resourceful “mechanic” named Amae, (Alex McGregor). Naturally, it isn’t all smooth sailing…err..umm, flying.

On the briefest of side notes – and something that really struck me as being surreal – is the fact that “Vagrant Queen” is only two years old. The first tradeback issue was published by Vault Comics in February 2018 and to date, the comic book series has plans to continue adding to it’s rather colorful repertoire. Another teeny, tiny side note – the comic book is highly worth checking out.

Just to recap, “Vagrant Queen” is a very vibrant, kick arse show that is most certainly worth watching. Every single aspect of the show’s DNA – the talented cast and crew – are above perfection and it shows. No detail is overlooked and if you watch even a single episode; just go on ahead and give the makeup/creature effects folks like all of the awards. You know what, all the awards – start handing them out. 🙂

You can catch “Vagrant Queen” Thursday nights at 11:00 PM/10:00 PM CST on Syfy. For those folks outside of the US, in Canada – you can catch the show Sunday nights at 10:00 PM on City TV. And as always, you can catch up on demand through your legal sources. Hope to see you all there.

(Some spoiler-ish photos below, all courtesy of Syfy/NBC Universal and Vault Comics.)

One last thing…check out the links below for all of your “Vagrant Queen” inquires! 🙂

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