Galavant: Season Two

Photo Credit: ABC Studios


Galavant Is Finally Here!

A year of patiently waiting has finally paid off for tonight is the second season premiere of ABC’s comedy extravaganza. Over the past few weeks, the network has been hard at work ramping up the ante for this hilarious show. Quite honestly between the opening number and “Off With His Shirt” – I can’t discern which song I like the most. And for you diehard fans, yes, you can already find and purchase both songs from iTunes.

Why You Should Watch:

“Galavant” is a refreshing and most welcome change to network television. What I personally like about this show is that…there’s really nothing they will stay away from. I can only imagine how much work it has created for the censors at ABC. Another plus for “Galavant”, aside from the phenomenal cast and show stopping numbers, is that you can re watch it over and over again without growing bored. I dare say that this show has the potential of becoming a cult classic quite soon.

Below you can watch the sneak peeks before the episode airs here in less than an hour.

It’s A New Season

“Off With His Shirt”


   ‘Galavant’ airs Sunday nights on ABC at 8:00 PM/ 7:00 PM CST.

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