The 2016 Lexington Comic & Toy Convention





  Anticipation is rapidly growing for this year’s Lexington Comic & Toy Convention – being held at the well known Lexington Convention Center March 11th – 13th.  Having rocky horror1attended last year’s convention was most certainly a treat and I can’t wait for this year’s. With a guest list of well over 35 talented performers – ranging from the 5th, 6th, and 7th incarnations of “The Doctor” to a certain heroic mind reading police officer…add into the mix a kick butt vampire slayer and blonde headed vampire – this year’s convention is going to be PHENOMENAL! The outstanding work that the creators of LCTC have put into bringing such an event to Central Kentucky is out of this world.

 I remember last year’s and how large everything was. It had all THREE levels of the Lexington Convention Center and that in itself…amazing. For a moment I had thought I was in New York or even Atlanta – everything was simply perfect. The tickets are well priced (a weekend pass costs $37.50) and parking is not too bad either – last year parking at the “official” convention center lot was about seven dollars. Tip: If you arrive there around seven in the morning, parking is free. As with any get together happening downtown Lexington – you can find other places to park for around five dollars. And no need to worry about finding a place to eat – the convention center has plenty of spots to eat at. You will also have a few restaurants within walking distance.

Here are just a few guests that will be in attendance:

Eliza Dushku – “Faith” on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

James Marsters – “Spike” on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Greg Grunberg  – “Matt Parkman” on Heroes

Peter Davison – “The 5th Doctor” on Dr. Who

Colin Baker – “The 6th Doctor” on Dr. Who

Sylvester McCoy – “The 7th Doctor” on Dr. Who

Karan Gillan – “Amy Pond” on Dr. Who & “Nebula” in “Guardians of the Galaxy”

  Helpful Links:

LCTC Guests

LCTC Tickets


And don’t forget to visit the official Facebook page and Twitter account for the 2016 Lexington Comic & Toy Convention.

There’s only 44 days left until LCTC so hurry and get your tickets!

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