Say It Isn’t So – Galavant Season Finale




Photo Credit: ABC Studios

Oh…My…Spoilers! I couldn’t help it and cave under the evil spoiler goblin and have listened to the recently released songs via Spotify.  On the one hand, I am looking forward to Sunday night’s episode – and the other much heavier hand…say it isn’t so. I promise that I will avoid posting any spoilers here because that would completely ruin the remaining two episodes. All I will say is that…ITS GOING TO BE AMAZING!!  I really hope and wish upon a shooting star that the network deities renew Galavant for a third season and beyond.  The entire production team – writers, cast, wardrobe, music… – everyone seriously deserves all of the awards.  At final count, there are twenty eight songs for a ten episode, second season.     

    Speaking of those skillfully crafted songs…we happen to have had the honor of speaking with one of the many creative forces behind the show.

    Stay 2uned… 😉





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