Wynonna Earp: Season Three Review

Dynamic Duo
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Ahem, #Earpers… I dunno about y’all but I am currently writing this article from the other side because…WHAT A SEASON!!! Pretty much right from the get go, the collective emotions of our wonderful family have been put through some stuff. Dolls sacrificing himself, Mama Earp returning…oh and did I mention the FINALE EPISODE?! I can’t even begin to process “War Paint”, like the majority of you all as well. We had a SECOND WAYHAUGHT PROPOSAL!!! (Only for Wynonna to interrupt them YET AGAIN!! WOMAN GET SOME BETTER TIMING! COME ON!) CHARLIE FIRE FREAKING SERVICE IS WAVERLY’S DAD, JULIAN, ANDDDD WYNONNA SLEPT WITH HIM?! (So called that by the way, Charlie being Julian – anyone else?) And although Waverly wasn’t turned to stone, thank God, she was ANGEL SNATCHED INTO THE GARDEN OF EDEN AND THEN DOC WENT AFTER HER?! BOBO DELRAY WENT BOBO BYE-BYE. NICOLE WAS MORTALLY WOUNDED ONLY TO BE SAVED BY JULIAN, WHICH THREW A MONKEY WRENCH INTO STUFF….

*Takes a deep breath.* Oh and Nedley returning to kick butt and take names – how freaking epic was that?! Not to mention VALDEZ HAS ENTERED THE GAME!!!!! BEAU SMITH YOU EVIL GENIUS…HE HAS BEEN TELLING US ALONG!!

**Excuse me, I need a moment and or, you know, several just to process this episode alone… 

  Taking a moment, I think I can speak for every single #Earper and say thank you to the amazing cast and crew for such a phenomenally, emotional, roller coaster ride of a third season. What else is there to say about this beautiful show?

   It’s no secret just how special and precious “Wynonna Earp” is to every last one of us.  The sentiment has been said time and time again by the cast, crew, and fans alike that no one has seen and or been a part of a “fandom” like this before. Maybe it’s because they’re from Canada, a.k.a one of the politest countries around. Simply put, Wynonna Earp is magical unicorn that must be protected at all costs!  

  Speaking from my own experiences from this FAMDOM – EARPERS donated the money my family and I needed to keep our house. Complete strangers helped us where our combined families would not. If any of you spend even the shortest amount of time on Twitter; you’ll quickly see the EARPER network in action. The comradery alone…

   This season of Wynonna Earp has been the best so far and I absolutely can not wait until season four. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again  – they deserve all of the awards for their hard work and relentless dedication. We, the fans, heck, the entire world are so blessed to have this slice of heaven to look forward to. Wynonna Earp has changed so many lives for the better and I am calm proud to be an Earper.


Emily, Melanie, Beau, Tim, Dominique, Katherine, Shamier, Varun, Chantel, Michael, Megan, Tamara, Danny F@^&*”= Kind, Kate, Greg, Meghan, Josh at Syfy, everyone at Seven24 Films, NBC Universal, Space Channel, SYFY, IDW, Allison – everyone that has breathed life into “Wynonna Earp” – THANK YOU!!!


 See y’all next season.


 Alright Earpers – sound off and tell us what has been your favorite moment this season.


**All photos belong to NBC Universal /SYFY.**



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