American Gods: Season Two, We Hardly Knew Ye

Photo Credit: STARZ

If you haven’t a clue about the sensational STARZ’s television show/book “American Gods”…you’ve been missing out some bloody fine entertainment. Based on the international best selling book of the same name by Neil Gaiman; “American Gods” takes us mere mortals into the heart of battle between the gods of Old and the gods of New. Naturally there’s a lot more to that, but, you get the idea.

What can I say, season two has been one heck of an roller-coaster ride and being of that nature, the ride is nearly at an end…at least for its second season, set to wrap this upcoming Sunday. I…truly have no words ESPECIALLY after last week’s episode! Honestly, please don’t leave us hanging because for the love of all of Mad Sweeney’s coins…we need CLOSURE!

Ahem, I do suppose I should advise that there will be spoilers in this article :).

So far this season, our favorite one eyed Odin has been rallying his other comrades together in order to fight the new Gods. In that time frame, there have been losses on both sides of the line… *cough* Mad Sweeney *cough*. Speaking of the world’s tallest leprechaun – the wickedly talented Pablo Schreiber deserves every single award for his performance in last week’s episode. He slayed it and good Sir, I do hope that you return to us in season three. Well, me and just about EVERY American God fan.

There really isn’t anymore that I can say and so, in good spirit, I present to you the majority of the season two’s episodic pictures, courtesy of STARZ. And, I sincerely look forward to Sunday night’s episode of American Gods.

Another for the road, my good folks.

“American Gods” airs at 8:00 PM EST on STARZ and can be viewed at midnight on the STARZ app. Internationally – you can watch the show on Amazon Prime.

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