There’s No Place Like HomeCon

What can I say exactly other than bloody freaking hell. The majority of humanity has always known that life as we collectively know it could in fact change at the drop of a hat. In my lifetime alone – 90’s child here – I’ve witnessed it first hand during 9/11 and now, now I’ve seen it during the COVID-19 pandemic. And make no mistake, it is just that – a living, terrifying, eviseral nightmare. Our way of life as we have known it has ceased over night. What was once busy hubs of activity are now eerily void of such. From New York to Las Vegas – to towns big, medium, and small – everything has changed. States have issued stay at home orders, countries have closed their boarders…and yet, somehow, it doesn’t seem real. No, it feels like the setting of some post apocalyptic film or television show. Surreal, am I right?

I would be doing a disservice if I didn’t mention that I too am scared at times to leave the apartment, other than go to work. I’ve started using apps to have my food and groceries brought to me instead of going to them – regardless of the service fees. There are so many people, not only in the US, but around the globe that are out of work. We all know someone or someones facing such tougher times. I am both grateful and slightly terrified that I still get to go to work – especially working in the medical field. Even though I am no where near any hot spots or currently on an ambulance – the fear is still there. Does that make me any less willing to put on my uniform day in and day out – the answer – no. If you were to ask anyone working on the proverbial front lines, be they working in a grocery store, delivering mail, construction workers, medical personnel, first responders, truck drivers, etc – their answer would more than likely be the same. Even though we’re scared, even though there’s such a lack of PPE and or protective measures – there’s still work to be done.

Gloom and feelings of impending doom aside – not to mention cabin fever – there’s always a light to chase away such monsters. Typically late February/early March would be the start of everyone’s favorite time of year – holidays aside- convention season. Alas with life as we’ve known it on temporary pause, these coveted and much anticipated fan conventions are also on hold.

Well, wouldn’t you know – an announcement was made on Twitter this past weekend from a certain “retired” Valkyrie, (who may or may not be currently locked up in Arkham Asylum) – the lovely Rachel Skarsten and the equally Mesmer-izing Paul Amos. (What can I say – I couldn’t exactly pass up the Lost Girl references – AND if you’re looking for a show to binge watch in the next 11 days on Netflix, well, there you go.)

Appropriately named “HomeCon” – this newly established, virtual convention brings all of the excitement and “socializing” into the comfort of your living rooms – or wherever you happen to be. At the time of this article, there’s well over twenty amazing guests from various shows, such as “Supergirl”, “Batwoman”, “Wynonna Earp”, “Assassin’s Creed”, “Lost Girl”, “Lucifer”, and many more. Hosted on Twitch, which is perhaps better known for hosting live video gaming feeds; it presents itself to be the perfect platform in which to host such a gathering. Said platform happens to be very user friendly and easy to use – which is extremely helpful. Beats arriving at the crack of dawn to find a decent parking place before journeying into an actual convention center…like so many of us have done in the past.

And although nothing can ever, ever replace the level of excitement one gets of attending a convention in person; this comes in at a very close second. Once more, another really awesome gesture put forth by HomeCon is the fact that they’re donating ten percent of all proceeds to First Responders First – an organization working to support fellow first responders out there on the front lines. As you all know, that is something near and dear to my heart as I have many friends, well, family members in that field and I couldn’t be prouder of them. All of the details are below, including said links: hope to “see” y’all there this weekend.

“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.”

“Professor Albus Dumbledore”
J.K Rowling
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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