Converting My Fiancé Into A Marvel Fan

My fiancé and I in our happy place…..Florida.

Imagine being a huge Marvel fan and falling in love with someone who had no clue about the amazing fictitious universe that brings excitement into your otherwise pretty lame life. Yeah, that’s me. I’m that Marvel fan.
Jason and I met in 2019 and things were amazing from the start. We had so much in common. But one fateful day, he broke some disturbing news to me. He’d only seen Guardians of the Galaxy and knew nothing of the rest of the wonders of the Marvel cinematic universe. My heart broke for him. I just couldn’t allow this to go on.
So after a few minutes of research and some convincing, we started the Marvel adventure in chronological order, beginning with Captain America: The First Avenger. We spent many nights watching the greatness of Marvel. We even watched for the fan favorite cameos by the late, great Stan Lee. It made for amazing lazy date nights filled with popcorn and soda and cuddles.
To date, we are currently up to The Black Panther. Not much more before he gets to see the intense, heart stopping, madness delivered in the end by the mad Titan himself, Thanos. I can’t help but wonder if he’ll have the same reactions that o did watching the amazing conclusion to Infinity. Will he be sadden by fan favorite losses? Will he be anxious to jump straight into Endgame? Will he be ready for the newest phases of Marvel kicking off in the next year? I guess I’ll be finding out soon. But for what he has watched, he’s proved he’s fan enough for me to let him change my last name. I love him. I’ll have him nerding out with the rest of the cool folks before you know it. Stay 2uned for updates.

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