Crime Solving Devil – #LuciferLockdown

With so many of us mighty fine folks under stay-at-home orders all across the country, and, well around the world – it’s only natural to become stir crazy at /some/ point. Between the mounting changes to what was once our “normal” world; you simply need an escape. Sadly, virtual reality’s not as sophisticated as it’s in “Supergirl”, with Obsidian North’s lenses… (Yes, yes a wee bit of a segue, but too be fair, “Lucifer” does exist in the Arrowverse – thanks annual crossover! o.O)

As given away by the title of this post – “Lucifer” – the hit Netflix Original show is /the/ best way to pass our collective quarantining. Quiet frankly, just the thought alone of being locked in with Lucifer…well…I’m fairly certain that wouldn’t be a bad thing. 😉

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the aforementioned show; “Lucifer” originally debuted on FOX back on January 25th, 2016. Based on characters from the DC Comic, “The Sandman”, created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg – “Lucifer” takes place in present day Los Angeles, where he helps the LAPD and a certain “miraculous” detective solve horrific murders. This is what you get when the Devil decides to take a “vacation” from Hell – and what better way to spend one’s eternity than by opening a night club in the heart of “The City of Angels”. And naturally devilish hilarity ensues, mixed with just the right amount of celestial angst and drama.

Tom Ellis plays the Devil himself and let me just say, well, he most certainly is not bashful – but far, far from it. o.O

On a side note – I’d first discovered “Lucifer” half way through it’s second season for the episode, “God Johnson”. One of the guest starring actors, Timothy Omundson, was in said episode and, well, that peaked my attention. Not only is he an amazingly talented actor and genuinely nice person – he was also the very first person interviewed for this website. After episode 2×16 of ‘Lucifer” – I took the highway to Hell and the rest, as they say, was history.

Actually there for a moment, the future of “Lucifer” was on hold when FOX canceled it at the end of season three. Suffice to say this simply would not do and fans around the world rallied together – creating petitions and flooding social media under the hashtag #SaveLucifer. Thank, well, thank Dad 😉 that Netflix swooped in and saved the day. And now here we are, four seasons in the books, season five about to drop, and a potential sixth season forthcoming. I’d wager to say that “Lucifer” is still going mighty strong.

(Photo Credits: on Twitter @renewcancel ; Ildy Modrovich – @lldymojo ; Lucifer Spain – @Lucifer_Spain ; Netflix.)

Overall, “Lucifer” is one of the, if not the /best/ show to watch anytime, especially now – all things considering. You can catch this sinfully delightful show over on Netflix, (seasons 1-4), as well as purchase the first three seasons from your usual suspects – Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, etc. Season five will be premiering later this year…possibly in the next month or so.

For all things “Lucifer”, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Instagram @LuciferNetflix. You should also give the talented cast and crew a follow on their respective social media handles as they post delightfully wicked behind the scenes videos and photos. Yet another reason to watch “Lucifer” on Netflix 🙂 – sans below and enjoy!

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