“Lucifer” Season 5A Review: A Scorching Hot Love Letter to Fans.

(Spoiler Alert: Ye Again Be Warned, There Be Spoilers Ahead…)

Words…words to describe the first half off NETFLIX’s original show, “Lucifer’s” fifth season – well, I mean… -dead-. There was such anticipation for what was originally going to be their last season, that, well, it only fanned the flames higher. The outright palpable passion weaved throughout every single episode in 5A bloody well rendered me speechless – especially the first time watching. I have said it before and I will say it again; everyone responsible for bringing this beautiful story to life deserves all of the awards.


On a brief side bar – who else was glad that Chloe finally ignored that bloody phone of hers?! I won’t lie, I was yelling at the screen when she looked at the phone. I was like, you better ignore that and go get your Devil. -Ugly cries-. After four years of the will they won’t they dance, well, you’ve seen it folks. And what a slow burn this was? Oh and did I mention that this is only 5A…who knows how many more passionate moments the writers have in store for us #Deckerstar fans? We are treated to several adorable moments from the end of 5×05, into 5×06, 5×07, and some in 5×08. And oh my goodness, how bloody adorable was the morning after scene? There were times that I thought to myself, am I watching fan fiction come to life? The best and quiet possibly the funniest part of the morning after scene has to be where Chloe steals his mojo. This in turn causes Lucifer to break out those incredibly adorable puppy eyes. -Snorts-. Haven’t I read that in a fan fiction somewhere before? Well, regardless it was still lovely to watch.

Photo Credit: NETFLIX

Okay, okay – all the glorious #Deckerstar moments aside – 5A delivers some very interesting plot developments. Let us start with the most obvious one, Michael, Lucifer’s twin brother who is also played by Tom Ellis. This performance is nothing short of bloody brilliant – it reminds me a lot of Doctor Jekale and Mr. Hyde.

When the very first, actual new trailer of 5A dropped back in June – there was a worldwide collective – “Oh Hell no!” – shouted when it was revealed that “Michaeelll.” was making moves with the Detective. Thank Dad that Chloe was able to tell the difference, even going as far as shooting him five times in the end of 5×02.

And of course, Michael had to drop the “M” word and turn Chloe’s life even more upside down -ugh-. Bloody arse, coming in and messing things up. Speaking of the less than handsome brother, sorry folks, but yours truly is far from a fan of his. #MichaelIsADick Not only does he recruit a rather vulnerable Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt), into his devious plot to lure the real Lucifer back to Earth; he is also the reason that Dan, a.k.a Detective Douche, (Kevin Alejandro) discovers that the Devil is real.

The scene that proceeds that shocking reveal takes place in 5×06: “BlueBallz”. Long story short, we are introduced to one of Chloe’s exes, a DJ by the moniker “DJ Karnal”, a.k.a Jed. Naturally, Lucifer becomes jealous and hilarity ensues. Cut to plot bunny of baby Charlie being unshootable, Amenadiel, (D.B. Woodside), recruits Daniel to aid him in this loud endeavor. Eventually, Lucifer shows up with Jed in tow – something about being mysterious -eye roll, really Luci?- and, well, the scene is very adorable. Eventually, the Devil realizes that Jed played him and starts to fully Devil out – which in turn immediately calms the previous unshootable Charlie. Much to Amenadiel’s immediate and joyous relief.

Now, allow me to clarify more about Maze. She is by far from vulnerable and can easily take down anyone that dare stands in her way. What I was referring to is that, she is in a vulnerable state of mind, emotionally as well. In the first part of season 5, she is still grieving at the loss of Eve, (Inbar Lavi), whom at the end of last season left on her own journey of self-discovery.

Recalling a line from quiet possibly the best therapist in all of Los Angeles – Dr. Linda Martin (Rachel Harris) – “You’re more human than some people I know.” Naturally, that does not sit to well with Maze. Folks, no truer words have been spoken before – Maze’s journey is one of the more beautiful and all the while heartbreaking to watch unfold. There were several points during 5A where, I just wanted to hug her, even under pain of possible death. The raw, emotional depth that Lesley-Ann brings to Mazikeen – damn. Not to mention, we learn that her mom, yes, that’s right, Lilith – (also played by Lesley-Ann Brandt in 5×04), has been here all along! Did anyone else have that on their bingo cards because I for one did not.

Even now, sitting here typing up this review, I still find myself beyond words to describe just how incredible 5A is. Every last character on “Lucifer” has the most transformative story arcs, and again, this is only the FIRST eight episodes. We learn through hashtag #MichaelIsADick that, Linda (Rachel Harris) had and gave up a baby girl early in her life. Bloody hell – say what?! Maze once again needs a hug because, what a kick in gut to learn that her best friend abandoned her daughter, much like how Lilith did to her. Maze tracks down Linda’s daughter, because, what are best friends for – and Linda is soon face to face with her now adult daughter. Following a few moments of brilliant banter, Linda outright tells Maze to stop projecting her anger onto her, as she is not her mother. Eventually, the demoness comes to terms with the good doctor and the two hug it out. I would like to just say that, the writers sure know how take fans on one emotional roller coaster after another.

Ella, Ella Lopez (Aimee Garcia) – she is officially the president of the #Deckerstar fan club. Not only does she bring up a very good point, one that us fans have been screaming at our screens every time Chloe’s, (Lauren German) phone goes off; “Decker, do you always have to answer your phone?” She also stares at the newly minted couple, star-struck for like, ever in beginning of 5×07, “Our Mojo”. Well, technically not in the beginning, beginning of that episode…as Hell has finally frozen over. I cannot tell you just how many times I re-watched the gorgeous morning after scene. *Happy cries in #Deckerstar*

Ahem, our ‘it’s about time” pairing are not the only ones getting some much-needed love. Nope, Ella finally finds her soul mate in the form of an adorable reporter by the name of Pete. After meeting at the crime scene in “BlueBallz”, the two quickly hit off. They even go to a Star Trek convention together only to continue their date at the scene of yet another crime scene-ish location. If that is not true love, then, I don’t know what is. Pausing for a moment, can I again just say that it feels so good seeing Ella happy…even if that happiness is short lived because they discover that Pete isn’t exactly who he says his is and, well, happens to be a creepy killer. Whom they briefly believe to be the one behind Chloe’s sudden disappearance at the end of “Our Mojo”.

Was anyone else holding their breaths during that scene? Between that and yelling at my computer screen – saying that they better NOT end 5A with THAT form of a cliffhanger. We had quite a few scares though, from Lucifer being shot by Dan and Chloe flinging herself over by his side. Not to mention, the bloody kidnapping of Chloe by none other than Michael! Not cool, Mr. Turtleneck, not cool. So many, many emotions ran through my veins, folks, for obvious and not so obvious reasons…*coughs* 5B *coughs*. Thank Dad he was okay, but, then again what does that mean? Stupid Michael and his stupid power to bring out people’s greatest fears. Alas, Mr. Turtleneck does bring up a few good points.

Speaking of cliffhangers – the really real one at the end of “Spoiler Alert” – again wasn’t one I expected. Once Chloe has been rescued and Lucifer, well, was perhaps about to say those four magical words; time is completely frozen. Fast forward and the LAPD precinct became the arena for one hell of a celestial/demon smack down. Bloody hell! What a fight this was and major kudos to everyone involved in brining that Mortal Kombat worthy scene to life. You could feel the plethora of emotions echoing off every character in that scene. And just when you think the writers could not rendered you speechless, again, guess what… Daddy’s back. Say whattttt?!

God: “CHILDREN! You know I hate it when you fight.” [End Scene. Fade to credits.]

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of “Lucifer” Season 5, Part A…to be continued with Season 5, Part B. Date is to be announced – but hopefully very, very, very soon.

Phew…what an emotional rollercoaster these first eight episodes were/are. So MUCH happens and so much finally pays off for us, the fans. I have said it before and I will say it again; this season is truly a love letter to us, the #Lucifans. The dedicated passion of everyone behind the scenes and on camera is truly top shelf. Lauren German’s “Chloe” delivers some of the most heartfelt, passionate, vibrant speeches in this season then ever before. And granted this ship has been slowly burning now for several seasons; all the waiting has paid off. We are treated to not only the feverishly delightful “Tether Me” scene at the end of 5×06; we are treated to the small moments as well. Lucifer writers – bloody well done – standing ovation. To the cast and crew, all the awards. Period.

In conclusion, the fifth season of “Lucifer”, part A – in my very humble opinion is truly a classical masterpiece. No detail was left to chance nor any stone left unturned. The level in which this season resonates in is truly incredible. Myself and my staff here at Stay2uned, much like every other #Lucifan, very much looks forward to 5B. To Netflix and Warner Brothers, thank you for allowing us, and trusting us with the early access to this season and everything associated with that. And last but certainly not least, we would like to thank all of you, fellow fans, for allowing us to go on this incredible journey with you all. We hope that you enjoyed our cryptic teases in the months and weeks leading up to today, August 21st.

To be continued…


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