A Conversation with VoteRiders

Photo Credit: VoteRiders

(Editor’s Note: Stay2uned does not endorse any one candidate or political party. The following is an informational article regarding one of several nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations that provide resources to the general public.)

With the Presidential election just a few short weeks away – the topic of voting and everything associated with it, i.e. anxiety, confusion, questions, etc. -has taken center stage in most Americans’ minds. That being said, there are already numerous organizations out there, working around the clock to help guide the American public through the often confusing realm of voting. One such nonpartisan, nonprofit organization is VoteRiders.

Their mission – “To provide voter ID assistance so that every American can cast a ballot that counts.” The reason for this support is because every state has different, and often confusing voter ID laws.

This year, they received help from some people in the entertainment world. Greg Pak, who had been passionate about the organization for a while, gathered a group of artist and authors, to take part in a grassroots fundraiser on Twitter. A variety of things were auctioned off, including: a hardcover set of Planer Hulk/World War Hulk/Incredible Herc/Skarr books, Zoom calls with Gwenda Bond, Kami Garcia, and Sam Humphries, and a variety of other items.

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Laina Reynolds Levy, PhD, who serves as the Director of Communications and Development for VoteRiders. In our phone interview with Dr. Levy, she shares with us more about VoteRiders. For additional information, you can visit their website: voteriders.org, as well as general information at https://www.usa.gov/voting.

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