A Discovery of Witches: Season Two Preview

Photo Credit: Sundance Now

(Warning: The following article contains spoilers.)

It seems just like yesterday that a good friend of mine introduced me to the amazing magical world of A Discovery of Witches. More accurately, it was back in May of this year when I subscribed to Sundance Now and binged watched the entire first season. Before then, I had seen advertisements here and there on Facebook that, slowly peaked my interest. Once I dived down that intriguing rabbit hole, I was hooked. If memory serves, I binged the entire first season in a week, and was left wanting more. Insert the last two books of the All Souls Trilogy, “Shadow of Night”, and “The Book of Life”.

Needless to say, both books were absolutely brilliant and again, left me wanting more. The incredible characters, storyline – what’s not to love? #Bishmont for life, thank you very much, I mean they are truly an incredible pair. Pausing for a moment, it actually took me a few months to finish reading Shadow of Night, for one reason or another. Speaking of which, I just finished it about two weeks ago, right as screeners for the second season became available. I remember watching the first few episodes and then going back to reading the book. I can only imagine what it must have been like, and still is like for Dr. Harkness to see this precious universe of hers come up off of the page and onto the screen.

And now with only one day to go (for the UK), two days for those in the US – #adows2 premiere has fans on the edge of their seats, waiting to watch. Not that it wasn’t that way before, like from the moment season one ended until now. Trust me when I say this, it has been and is very much worth the wait.

Season two of A Discovery of Witches is above reproach. The otherworldly attention to detail that the collective creative team has woven into this season is *chef’s kiss*. Not only do they have modern day to contend with this season; they have also added 1590’s London. And they have brought both worlds, both time periods to life with flourish.

Aside from the new “old” sets, gorgeous period costumes, breathtaking locations – we’re finally meeting “Gallowglass” (Steven Cree), “Philippe” (James Purefoy), “Kit” (Tom Hughes), “Goody Alsop” (Sheila Hancock), “Louise de Clermont” (Elaine Cassidy) – just to name a few. The casting of these beloved and long awaiting characters couldn’t have been better. Y’all are going to absolutely love this season.

Almost forgot about the plot…ahem…as most of y’all already know, #adows2 centers around the lovely “Diana Bishop” (Teresa Palmer) and her continued quest to find the ever elusive Ashmole 782. Sticking by her side through thick and thin is the equally handsome “Matthew de Clermont Roydon” (Matthew Goode). Naturally, he is once again having to inhabit his 16th century self for the sake of keeping up appearances. Easier said then done, as you’ll soon see. Along the way, “Diana” needs to find a teacher to help understand her growing abilities – enter “Goody Alsop” (Shelia Hancock). She is a no nonsense, sweet person and the perfect fit to teach.

Concurrently, the Congregation are not only searching for the time walking couple, they are also looking for Ashmole 782. Oh and was it mentioned that there are some nasty and familiar deaths popping up throughout present day? 👀😅 Hmmmm…?

Without giving away any true spoilers, I will say that episode 6 is one of my favorites. Even though I could say why, I won’t. What I will say is, ladies and gentlemen- make sure you have tissues near by because, there won’t be a dry eye in the house.

A Discovery of Witches season two premiers tomorrow, January 8, 2021 in the UK and Ireland on Sky TV. The following day, January 9, 2021, it will premiere on Sundance Now in the US. For a detailed listing, please visit https://deborahharkness.com/discovery-of-witches-tv-news-notes/. And as always – stay 2uned.

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