“Lucifer” 5B: An Eternity Waiting


Seems like an eternity ago – *coughs* five months and some change *coughs* – when the first half of season five was released. The first eight episodes were quite the delight to Lucifans around the world. #Deckerstar finally, FINALLY became reality after years of waiting and several interrupting cell phone calls. And now, the harsh and enduring wait for the rest of season five marches forth, with no clear release date in sight. As everyone knows, the global pandemic that is COVID-19, which sunk its teeth into the world beginning last March, and is still carrying on, has caused several production delays across the board, and not just with “Lucifer”. However, word from the social media accounts of the showrunners – Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson – along with various official Netflix accounts, and other media outlets – have stated that 5B was still in post production.

As a fan myself, it is rather frustrating not knowing when the second half of 5B will be released or having any new content. Well, actually – there have been some new content released by Netflix a few months ago that gave us fans the briefest of snippets of 5B. We were even treated to one of the musical numbers from said second half. In the meantime, social media has been a buzz with juicy behind the scenes photos and videos from season 6 – courtesy of the amazing cast and crew themselves. At last check, they are close to wrapping the sixth and final season of this beloved, kick ass, show. On the bright side, we still have 18 episodes to watch before we reach the end. 8 episodes from the second half of season five, and 10 episodes from season six.

It does seem like a rather long road ahead of fans as we patiently or, not so patiently wait until 5B is released. In the meantime, fellow fans have been able to enjoy a plethora of virtual conventions that have been and will be held, featuring the amazing cast and crew. The latest virtual “Lucifer” convention to take, or will be taking place, now in March, is from the lovely folks at Creation Entertainment. Originally slated for this upcoming weekend, it was announced the other day that they had to reschedule the online event for March 12-14, 2021. No official reason has been disclosed as to why it was rescheduled. At the time of writing this article. Stay2uned has reached out Creation Entertainment for comment and have not received one back. We will update this post should the situation change.

For further information about the upcoming “Lucifer” Virtual Event, hosted by Creation Entertainment – visit their website at: https://www.creationent.com/vfe/vfe_luci.html. As we announced on our Twitter page, we will be hosting an autograph giveaway to three people at random. We will contact those folks via DM on Twitter, with all of the details and ask them who’s autograph they would like.

Stay 2uned ;).

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