Convention Entertainment’s Virtual “Lucifer” Convention – LIVE From The “Virtual” Show Floor

Photo Credit: Creation Entertainment/NETFLIX/Warner Brothers

Hey there Lucifans – Creation Entertainment’s Virtual “Lucifer” convention is well underway and we are just shy of 30 or so minutes before the lovely “Mazikeen” takes center stage. The one and only Lesley-Ann Brandt will be going live at 3:45 PM EST/ 12:45 PM PST to talk about all the things. Anyone else excited because we sure as hell are! *Pun intended*.

Officially kicking off yesterday, after being pushed back a few weeks, Creation Entertainment’s Virtual “Lucifer” convention has been a Dad send reprieve for the show’s “Lucifans”, present company included. It’s been what has felt like an eternity since we’ve seen this beloved cast on screen. Granted, they along with the rest of the crew have been posting rather emotional, well, posts – i.e videos and photos – highlighting the final weeks and days of shooting season six. And although we have 18 more episodes to watch; there is no doubt whatsoever that saying goodbye will be and has been, bittersweet.

So far, this convention has been smooth sailing and as mentioned before, a welcome reprieve. All of these virtual panels have been hosted on the platform, StageIt, where folks purchase virtual coins and have been able to pay what they can for each show. The only exception is that of Tom Ellis’s panel, where the cost of admission is $5.00 USD. And like most other in person and online conventions – autographs, 1-1 meet and greets, and group meet and greets have been made available for purchase. (More on that later.)

By the time this article goes live, a proverbial 15 minutes to show time is on the clock. We will be posting more on this convention in the near future and… -drum roll – we will be giving away a few more autographs and other goodies from this convention. 😈

Stay 2uned 😉

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