It’s A Date! – “Lucifer” Returns In May

After much anticipation, we finally have a release date for the second half of season five. Earlier this morning – about 4:30 AM EST, it was brought to our attention that Netflix had updated their “Lucifer” page. Naturally yours truly along with the rest of the fandom collectively freaked out.

Photo Credit: Netflix

A few hours later, the date vanished, but alas the cat was out of the bag. This was of course reminiscent of when the date for 5A was released and redacted. No one is quite sure who exactly release these two dates before it was time. So, here’s to you, the anonymous unsung hero at Netflix. Keep being awesome.

May 28th – the remaining eight episodes of the fifth season will finally…finally be released. Said news arrives on the very day that the show is wrapping up. Naturally emotions are running rampant today – truly bittersweet 😭😭.

Ahem…, there’s just something right there in my eyes. This show, this amazingly devilish show has been one of the best television shows of all time – in my humble opinion. Brava, and bravo to the lovely cast and crew that has infused the precious breath of life into this show over the past six seasons. May all your future endeavors be just as prosperous. #ThankYouLucifer

“Lucifer” 5B returns May 28th on Netflix. And as always, we will keep you up to date with the latest “Lucifer” news. 😈

Photo Credit: Netflix

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