“Van Helsing” The Final Season… In Three Words

VAN HELSING — “Season 5 Press Junket” — Pictured in this screengrab: (l-r) Nicole Munoz, Jonathan Scarfe, Tricia Helfer — (Photo by: SYFY)

Hello fellow #Helsingers – in less than twenty four hours, give or take an hour or two, the fifth and final season of Syfy’s original show, “Van Helsing”, will be upon us. It’s still hard to believe that after five years, this amazing show is drawing to an end. And the other day, we had the absolute honor of being invited to their virtual press junket. During this junket, members of the press, including yours truly, were able to ask “Jack”, “Dracula”, and “Axel” a few questions in regards to the upcoming season and what fans can expect. Naturally, spoilers were avoided as much as possible, as to keep things a surprise… *insert evil laugh here*. One thing that we can share is that, season five does not hold back when it comes to throwing punches.

The first three episodes back feel like one continuous episode, a sort of mini movie, as it were. Fun fact, 5×01 – 5×03 were filmed on location in Slovakia, prior to the very real world pandemic taking root. Production wouldn’t resume for another several months – until it did and Van Helsing happened to be one of the first shows to resume filming. This of course was no short feat and is a true testament to everyone at the heart of this show.

When it came to be our turn, we asked Nicole (Jack), Jonathan (Axel), and Tricia (Dracula) to describe season five in three words.

You can watch our interview here and don’t forget to watch the fifth season premiere of Van Helsing” tomorrow night at 10:00 PM EST on Syfy. Once again, we want to say thank you to the truly amazing folks at SYFY/NBC Universal, and to Nicole Munoz, Jonathan Scarfe, and Tricia Helfer for this interview.

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