“It Begins With Blood And Fear. It Begins With A Discovery of Witches” ADOW’s Third & Final Season

Photo Credit: Sundance Now

It seems just like yesterday that a good friend of mine suggested that I check out a new show on Sundance Now. She told me it was a given show to watch, considering the shows and movies I watched in the past. One free trial later and I found myself absolutely enthralled with the impeccably crafted world penned by author Dr. Deborah Harkness.

A Discovery of Witches is the title of the first of three books in The All Souls Trilogy – which serve as the foundation for the television show of the same name. Set in a world where vampires, witches, and daemons exist in relative “secrecy” – something is afoul. A gradual affliction amongst creatures has made itself known and thus, threaten their very existence, both present and future. Enter Diana Bishop, a history professor at Yale, who’s also a witch. The latter being something of a sore subject for Diana, given her less than pleasant history.

Not long after, readers and viewers alike learn that Diana isn’t your typical scholar, magic aside. She has the unique ability to call upon a certain book, Ashmole 782, also known as The Book Of Life. This naturally garners unwanted attention from the current census of creatures in the nearby vicinity of the Book; one of them being Matthew de Clermont. A fellow professor and creature, (vampire), Matthew finds his path crossed with Diana.

Photo Credit: Sundance Now

Much has happened since their first meeting – from transcendental self discovery, falling in love, traveling back in time, and everything in between. All of which has led us to the third and final season of this incredible show. As the saying goes, all good things much end. In less than 24 hours for fans in the UK, 48 hours for us here in the US – A Discovery of Witches will premiere one last time. Season three consists of seven, one hour episodes which, in my humble opinion, perfectly captures the essence of the book it is based upon. With that being said, there are a few things I wish translated into the live action version. Doing my best to avoid spoilers, I will save that for another time.

Season three picks up where season two left off at, with no emotions spared. If you know, you know. Diana Bishop is a woman on a mission and you would be wise not to cross her.

Photo Credit: Sky Max

Additionally, we are introduced to much awaited characters – “Fernando Goncalves” played by Oliver Huband, “Jack Blackfriars” played by Toby Regbo, “Dr. Chris Roberts” played by Ivanno Jeremiah, “Geraldine” played by Genesis Lynea, and “Ransome Fayrweather” played by Parker Sawyers. We are also reintroduced to “Baldwin St Clair” played by Peter McDonald. Originally, Baldwin was played by Trystan Gravelle, but thanks in part to productions delays spurred on by COVID, the role was recast. Make no mistake, Mr. Gravelle does a phenomenal job as the head of the de Clermont family. We are also reunited with “Benjamin Fuchs” played by Jacob Ifan. That one continues stirring the pot in ways that, well, are frankly disturbing.

Without further ado, here is the official synopsis of the third and final season of A Discovery of Witches:

“The third and final series of A Discovery of Witches sees Matthew and Diana returning from the past to find that tragedy has struck Sept-Tours after Peter Knox attempted to steal a page from Book of Life. Diana’s beloved Aunt Em is dead, and the Congregation are rallying forces against her and Matthew. Matthew and Diana’s first priority is the protection of their growing twins – two babies who represent a threat to the entire foundations of the Congregation. Matthew has to face up to the consequences of his past by tackling Benjamin, his evil long-lost son, whilst trying to find a cure for bloodrage, the terrible disease which could well be passed on to his children. He must also make amends for some of his most violent acts as the De Clermont family assassin in order to secure the future of he and Diana’s newly established family. Diana has to become a mother while facing the biggest challenge of her life – only she can unlock the mysteries of the Book of Life so that her children will not have to hide their true natures as Diana had to. This season will see Diana attempt to reassemble the Book of Life and crack open its tantalising mysteries. She must find the missing pages of the Book of Life and complete it, for it will be the only way that she can overcome the Congregation which dogs their steps at every turn: Powerful witch, Peter Knox, has murdered Diana’s aunt and descends into madness hunting for the Book. Vampire Gerbert d’Aurillac seeks ultimate power within the Congregation and will stop at nothing to destroy the de Clermonts. Satu Jarvinen, Diana’s old enemy, is gearing up for their final confrontation. Matthew and Diana muster their forces, turning old enemies into allies. But their biggest threat comes from, Benjamin who has been lying in wait — and will re-emerge to wreak ultimate destruction.”

A Discovery of Witches premieres January 7th in the UK on Sky One. Here in the US, season three will premiere on January 8th on Sundance Now, Shudder, and AMC+. Episodes will be added weekly on all the above outlets. We look forward to seeing everyone’s reactions to the final season! And in the meantime, as if you haven’t already done so – check out these few released stills and trailer for the upcoming season.

Credit: Sky Max

Thank you to the wonderful folks at Sundance Now and Sky Max for these amazing photos and trailer. And as always, thank you, dear readers.

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