I Need A Hero

Perviously on Wynonna Earp… Things were not looking great for our beloved Waverly. After a very intense crash (RIP to The Truck) We are shown an unknown person dragging Waverly away from the wreckage.

Episode two jumps right in where we left off with Waverly being dragged away, leaving behind her a very bloody trail. She does what any of us would do in that sort of situation and screams for her sister.

Speaking of Wynonna, turns out that the crash left her laying on the edge of a cliff. Not only is she slightly underdressed for the hanging out cliffside, but she also seems to have dislocated her shoulder. Wynonna, being Wynonna, doesn’t seem to be as worried about herself as she is Waverly. The first thing she says while hanging out on the cliff side is, “Waverly”.

After Wynonna comes to a little more, it turns out she’s not alone on the cliff side. She is join by none other than the every mysterious mama Earp. And if you watched last weeks episode you’re probably just as curious as I am about how she got out of the prison she was at, but don’t worry we’ll come back to that. Mama seems to be there to coach Wynonna off the cliffside and make sure she gets to Waverly. That is not to say she is there hand holding throughout the process. Mama makes it clear right from the get go that she isn’t there to mess around and coddle. Wynonna tries to start making her assent up the cliffside only to be reminded that her shoulder is dislocated. She’s quick to compare the pain to “pushing a baby out of [her] who-ha on an 8-ball”, which Mama is quick to point out won’t be nearly as bad as a dead Waverly.


We transition from one gut wrenching scene to another, and catch up with our favorite little sister. Turns out the creepy guy dragging Waverly away from the wreckage was not as friendly as we could have hoped, and he has her hanging from shackles in his cabin. Even more alarming this is not his first kidnapping, and was the cause of the accident. Creepy Revenant starts going off on a tangent, as most evil mofos do, about how the woods are changing and his traps are empty. As if he isn’t creepy enough, he gently caresses Waverly’s throat while talking about his other victims. And of course Waverly, being the brave little toaster she is, asks him where the other girl is. Cannibalism seems to be a reoccurring theme among Revenants, as he points out a few limbs he has lying around that belong to the last girl he caught. And then plot twist, turns out that not only does he eat his victims he also steals their voice.

After these disturbing revelations, we jump back to Wynonna still chilling on the side of a cliff with Mama. Wynonna is trying to reach for Peacemaker, as Mama tells her that her magic gun isn’t gonna do jack as she tries to scale the cliff. (While I agree with Mama about that fact, it probably would be for the best if she took it with her.) Wynonna starts to doubt her ability about climbing the cliff, and to give her confidence Mama reminds her of the time she tried to get out of Gym class. Mama points out that Gibsons are strong and Wynonna says she’s not a Gibson, Mama begs to differ on that fact. (I don’t know if anyone else got the vibe that this has a bit more meaning that just biological.)

When we flash back to Waverly her phone is pinging, because of course her dutiful girlfriend is concerned. Waverly starts arguing with Cannibal man, saying that people are gonna come looking for her and she should probably let her go. This doesn’t seem to go over well, but before they can get to far into Waverly’s phone rings. Nicole is calling like the wonderful girlfriend she is, which is when things get very The Little Mermaid and he steals Waverly’s voice. Cannibal dude answers the phone and probably makes the biggest mistake and calls Nicole by her name, not once but TWICE during the call. (We all know that the real Waverly would have used at least one of several cute nicknames.)

Coming back to Wynonna, she has made it up the cliff (which we all knew she would because she’s that badass). She of course makes a quip about what kind of savages do this for fun, and I’m sure the majority of us said or tweeted something about Nicole Haught. Of course the first thing Wynonna wants to do is go running after Waverly. Thank goodness she has Mama to be her voice of reason, who points out that she can’t just go running into the woods with no jacket or weapon. After grabbing a quick sip of whiskey, she’s off to try to find her sister.

As wynonna heads off to find Waverly, we get a chance to catch up with the rest of the Scooby gang. Nicole comes strolling into the the BBD office telling Dolls and Jeremy that she talked to Waverly. As predicted she automatically knows something is up after that conversation.


Dolls says that Wynonna had some big news to drop and Jeremy pops in with how much secrets suck even if they’re for the right reasons. Jeremy does his math thing and tells them that the victims of the Pussy Willows massacre all died within seconds of each other, indicating that the demon that killed them had to move at lightening speed. Dolls tells Nicole that she needs to call Waverly again and catch her up. Jermy makes a cryptic comment about catching everyone up to speed and Dolls just brushes it off. (This will be an important thing later).

Right before we catch back up with Wynonna were shown a picture of what I’m guessing is Bulshar’s mark. While walking through the woods we get to see some of those marks on the tree, which really make me think that there are some evil tree people under Bulshar’s control. (Which would really track with that nasty ass seed thing he made that Vamp eat and all the stories about the trees moving.) It also seems that Mama is not really there and is actually just part of Wynonna’s imagination. (Also making more sense because at the end of last season Wynonna was talking to Mama at cliffside when she was actually in a prison.) We get another glimpse into what kind of relationship Mama and Wynonna have, with Mama talking about how Wynonna was the only one who really needed the lessons Mama had to teach. Mama tells her that having a team and being the heir has made her weak, to which Wynonna says screw that she loves her team and would do anything for them. Wynonna calls Mama on some bullshit saying Waverly needed her mother, that she needed her mother. Mama has no time for this sass and pulls the Alice card.

Dolls heads over to Shorty’s to get Doc for the Demon situation. Doc is as ornery as every and they get into a heated discussion about fate and hell. Doc points out that he’s been there and he doesn’t know why he should bother with trying to be good if it isn’t going to make a difference in the end. Dolls drops some truth bombs about the fact that they are not truly the same because he doesn’t need the threat of hell to make him fight for the right side.

As Dolls leaves Shorty’s we catch back up with Nicole, who was on her way to the homestead to check on the Earp sisters. Along the way she gets stopped by a hunter that lost his son in the woods. Before he can get far into his story he mentions seeing a truck flipped over. A truck that sounds exactly like the Earp truck. Nicole, being the smart cookie she is, calls Doc for some back up. Turns out the son had wondered near the cabin where our dear Waverly is trapped and walks right into a booby trap. Waverly tries her best to stop him, but not much she can do without a voice.

Before Doc has a chance to catch up with Nicole, he runs into Jeremy who has been trying to fix Dolls drugs. Jeremy makes a joke about taking some drink umbrellas for craft night (which isn’t until Thursday) and Doc sees right through it. Jeremy, of course, won’t tell Doc exactly what is going with Dolls and even goes as far to tell Doc he’s being. bit of a baby.


Wynonna finally makes it to the creep cannibal cabin where Waverly is being kept. The Earp sisters proceed to partake in what is probably the funniest and worst game of charades I have every had the privilege of watching. Finally Wynonna realizes that Waverly is trying to tell her that there are booby traps and skillfully hops around them. Wynonna hides under the stairs to wait until the Revenant cannibal leaves. The Earp sisters have a very great heart to heart before Wynonna heads out to try and find him. Once she’s leaves the cabin, Wynonna sets a trap of her own and pushes him into one of his own traps.

Doc catches up with Nicole and tells her that while Wynonna doesn’t usually have the best judgment (see the fact she slept with a Revenant), when it comes to Waverly she’s always good. They follow the trail and catch up with Wynonna just as she has pushed Cannibal guy into that hole and is hanging from a rope trap.

The Scooby gang all catches up back by the accident, unfortunately they are not alone. As Nicole begins to repel herself down the cliff, to get peacemaker for Wynonna, Bulshar’s right hand creep cuts the anchor connected to the truck. Wynonna grabs the rope in time to stop Nicole from immediately falling to her death. It becomes pretty apparent that Wynonna isn’t gonna be able to hold on long and she yells for help. Waverly is up at the SUV with Dolls but when shit goes south Dolls jumps into action. Jeremy clues Waverly in on what is going on with Dolls and as he is going toe to toe with Bulshar’s guy, Waverly runs over to help Wynonna keep a hold of Nicole. As Nicole is hanging off the edge she tells Wynonna to let her go and help Dolls, which Wynonna ignores because the gays here are unkillable. Dolls basically hugs the bat guy and they erupt into a giant flame ball THAT KILLS DOLLS!!!!


RIP to Xavier Pamela (I’m pretty sure its not Pamela) Dolls. A man who went out exactly how he came in, a goddam HERO.

Tune in Friday night’s at 10/9c on SYFY.

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  1. Amy says:

    Great synopsis! You nailed all the highs and lows. Mofos!

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