Merry Earpmas to All

Previously on Wynonna Earp… Jolene the demon came to town. Waverly got answers about her father. Everyone was really mean to Waverly. WayHaught had a sorry party.     We kick this week off at the Homestead. A very Christmasy homestead. Tis the season in Purgatory. Wynonna is dressed in an adorable onesie and Mama is decorating a tree. Upstairs…

Stop Hurting Waverly Earp 2K18

Previously on Wynonna Earp… Mama escaped from prison. Some trees caused some issues. Jeremy got a potential love interest. (Hopefully, he’s okay after the whole being dragged away by a tree thing.) Nicole chucked Bulshar’s ring into the woods. Doc had an encounter with Bulshar. And a mysterious woman showed up with everyone’s favorite baked goods….

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joooleeene

Perviously on Wynonna Earp… We laid to rest one Xavier Pamela Dolls. Some Revenants got into to Dolls’ Dragon Juice. And Wynonna told Waverly that she knew where Mama had been all these years. This week we hit the ground running, literally. Wynonna and Doc chase after a Revenant who stole some of the lizard drugs….

Heroes Get Remembered, But Legends Never Die

Previously on Wynonna Earp…. Bulshar reviled himself in a way none of us will ever forget, he took out one of our own. Agent Xavier Dolls went out in a blaze of glory and saved the rest of his team. When jump right back in after the heartbreaking loss of everyone’s favorite lizard/dragon. Wynonna is handling…

I Need A Hero

Perviously on Wynonna Earp… Things were not looking great for our beloved Waverly. After a very intense crash (RIP to The Truck) We are shown an unknown person dragging Waverly away from the wreckage. Episode two jumps right in where we left off with Waverly being dragged away, leaving behind her a very bloody trail….