Stop Hurting Waverly Earp 2K18

Previously on Wynonna Earp… Mama escaped from prison. Some trees caused some issues. Jeremy got a potential love interest. (Hopefully, he’s okay after the whole being dragged away by a tree thing.) Nicole chucked Bulshar’s ring into the woods. Doc had an encounter with Bulshar. And a mysterious woman showed up with everyone’s favorite baked goods.




We Jump right in with Wynonna tying Mama to something in the barn so she can’t escape. Wynonna sends Waverly back into the house, which Mama is not a fan of, and Mama tries to explain that there is a demon coming after Waverly. Back inside, Waverly talks to Jolene, as Jolene forces her to eat more baked goods. It seems that all these delicious snacks put everyone under a spell that makes them think that they’ve known Jolene for a very long time and that she is their best friend in the whole world. Right before the cut to credits, Jolene hugs Waverly and is holding a knife (which really isn’t a comforting image).

A few minutes later, Doc comes strolling into the kitchen talking about a bossy woman looking for a drink. We also learn that Doc’s favorite cookie is snickerdoodle as Jolene shoves another bite to keep him under her spell. Wynonna tries to decide what she is going to do when the warden shows up for Mama and Jolene offers to be on demon duty (probably because she is a demon, but more on that later). Unlike usual, Doc comes straight out and tells Wynonna about the third voice he heard on the tape.




Out in the barn, Waverly is trying to talk with Mama. Mama explains that when Waverly was a baby she went in to check on her and something was floating above Waverly’s crib. Mama went at it with a fireplace poker, but the demon merely laughed. Waverly, ever the logical one, says that perhaps what Mama saw was residue from a dream. Mama says that that thing was in every picture she had taken of Waverly. Right before Waverly walks out of the barn a lightbulb goes off in her brain. She remembers how in kindergarten she was afraid to sit at the story time mirror because in the reflection she would see rows and rows of teeth. Mama drops her mug and continues with how the demon “hated [Waverly] more than she thought anything could hate anyone.” (Which is absolutely crazy right? I mean this is Waverly we are talking about, she’s the nicest person in Purgatory. She has a sash and everything.) Waverly tells Mama there isn’t anything to worry about, she has her, Wynonna, and Jolene. Mama then asks the burning question, “Who the hell is Jolene?”


Cat got your tongue? (SYFY)



Outside we find the Revenant guard from the prison. Jolene knocks on the window and offers some supernatural pie. The guard says he’s looking for a fugitive and Jolene confronts him about all the “chasing” he did while he was at the prison. And if we didn’t already know, Jolene shows just how evil she is by talking about how amusing she found his torturing the women at the prison. Jolene expresses how glad she is that she is with the Earps and then promptly removes his tongue so he can’t spill the beans.

Back in the barn, they decide to untie Mama. There are some awkward introductions between Mama and Doc and Wynonna outs Waverly. Mama is as enjoyable as can be and says she’d loved to talk more about it when there isn’t a demon after Waverly. Jolene comes swaggering all evil and sexiness and forces some delicious baked goods on Mama. She points out how Mama left her daughters to their alcoholic father and Mama defends herself saying she was protecting Waverly (because she loves her daughter). Mama, at least, remembers that there’s a demon coming after Waverly and they can do all this making up stuff later.




As everyone is gearing up to head over to the Gibson farm, Jolene stops Doc out by his car to tell him that he isn’t needed. She says that Wynonna doesn’t have the time or energy to waste feeling bad about Doc going to hell. She uses everything that Wynonna has shared to get Doc to turn his head the other way. She spends the next few minutes pushing all of Doc’s buttons to send him right into Kate’s arms. As he leaves, He says something about stopping Waverly from doing something stupid in an insulting tone. (Leave Waverly alone dammit.)

In the Gibson greenhouse, Mama starts plotting entry points for the demon to get in. Waverly interrupts Mama’s frantic pacing to try and find some answers about her lineage. And boy does Mama deliver, and she says that his name was Julian and that he was an angel. (Listen, we been knowing that Waverly is an angel.)




Jolene takes off in the Revenant’s car and speeds by Nicole’s speed trap. As Nicole is trying to ask Jolene about the speeding and light on the top of the vehicle, Jolene brings out some scones. It seems that not only can she make different baked goods, she also knows what everyone’s weakness is. She tempts Nicole with some scones. As Nicole is eating, she drops the bomb about Mama escaping and the ‘nutty’ mission they are on. When I mentioned weaknesses, I wasn’t just talking about the dangerously delicious baked goods. Jolene hits right where it hurts, Nicole left out of another supernatural case. Not to mention the fact that her girlfriend didn’t tell her that the mother that tried to kill her had escaped from prison. Jolene drops another hint that she’s the demon after Waverly saying that she needs Nicole’s girlfriend to finish this up because she can’t physically harm her. We get a flash of what Jolene looks like because Nicole is so strong and is trying to fight the devil magic in the scones.

As Mama and the Earp sisters start setting up the trap for Jolene, the tongueless revenant comes barging in. He does try to tell them that something is up, but without a tongue that tends to be a little hard. Mama ropes up the demon and Wynonna sends him back to hell. Mama gets excited and thinks that the danger has passed. (Honestly, when has it ever been that simple.) Waverly hears a voice call to her. She goes outside to check it out, and Jolene is waiting for her. She has a trap set up and pulls Waverly into it and is so mean to Waverly. Waverly takes a swing and Jolene transforms back into to, what I can only imagine is a stolen face. She plays the victim and calls Wynonna and Mama out to see that Waverly attacked her.




We head into the Homestead where Mama and Wynonna are merrily drinking whiskey. Waverly walks in, and Wynonna and Mama immediately start insulting her. They are all planning a night out, and Waverly is unsure if she should even go. She apologizes for attacking Jolene, even though she has no reason to be sorry. Jolene makes a comment about Nicole calling Waverly “impulsive,” which makes Waverly feel even worse. Jolene says Nicole is meeting them at Shorty’s and how they’re best friends.




When the gang arrives at Shorty’s Wynonna immediately notices Kate sitting in the bar giving Tarot readings. Mama and Wynonna sit at the bar trying to figure out how the revenant they think was after Waverly. Jolene tries to force more baked goods into Wynonna and Mama. Both of them decline because that would take up precious room reserved for whiskey and beer. Jolene goes on the defensive and outs Kate as Doc’s wife, which upsets Wynonna. When Waverly goes in to try and comfort Wynonna, Jolene lets it be known that Waverly knew Doc’s wife was around and a vampire.

While all of this goes down at Shorty’s, Doc goes to visit one Bobo Del Rey. Doc tries to get some insight into Bulshar. All Bobo is willing to give up is the fact that Bulshar wants his ring. Bobo says that he wants Waverly to visit him. Doc leaves Bobo with an empty promise and a bottle of banana liqueur and seals back up the well.

Back at Shorty’s Wynonna is yelling in the bathroom to Jolene about Doc’s wife. Jolene offers to doll her up to make her irresistible to Doc. Waverly comes in to try and comfort Wynonna, but Jolene says that Waverly was the one that told her about Kate. Wynonna sinks real low in her spell-induced rage and calls Waverly her half-sister. (This episode is really tough to watch. Everyone is so mean to Waverly, and it breaks my heart.)

At this point, Doc is arriving at Shorty’s and immediately heads over to where Mama is at. Mama pours him an absolutely disgusting drink, calls him a prick and slaps him. Nicole shows up a moment later, only to be intercepted by Jolene. Jolene, the evil evil bitch that she is, tries to recreate the WayHaught Meet Cute. (Honestly, it was a weak attempt. No one can beat that wayhaught cuteness.) Doc and Wynonna get in an argument. Waverly walks over just as Nicole is trying to help Jolene out of her wet shirt. At this point, shit kind of hits the fan. Waverly attacks Jolene, a guy makes a derogatory comment about women, and a full out bar brawl occurs. And of course, in the background, we have Jolene singing Cheater, Cheater.

After the bar brawl, Nicole takes Mama and Wynonna to the drunk tank. Nicole eats more Demon baked goods that Jolene sent over. Waverly shows up to try and post bail, but Nicole tells her they have to stay until they sober up. (Although honestly where did she get the money for bail when they couldn’t even afford phones last week.) Waverly tries to make some jokes about their sobriety and yells at Waverly. (It was honestly the most heartbreaking thing.) Waverly asks to call later, but Nicole tells her maybe don’t.

Back in Shorty’s, Kate has a nice little chat with Jolene. Kate gives her a free Tarot reading and says that Jolene owes a debt. A debt that she should probably pay before HE (probably bulshar) knows what she’s done.

Doc comes by the station in another attempt to bail out the two Earps but catches Waverly crying. Doc asks Waverly about Bulshar’s ring, and Waves tells him Nicole knows about it. Waverly tells Doc about what’s been going on and how she thinks everything is her fault. She tells him about the demon being around since she was born Doc says “when you were born,” making Waverly feel like she’s a demon again, as he hands her a handkerchief Doc take a bite of a snickerdoodle and adds on to her fear.

Back at the Homestead, Nicole is waiting in Waverly’s room to apologize. While she is expecting Waverly to walk the door, Jolene shows up instead. Jolene attempts to flirt with Nicole, which is so pointless because Nicole Haught is so in love with Waverly Earp she will fight a Demon’s spell to stay faithful to her. Jolene tries to say that she is everything Waverly isn’t (again hella dumb) to which Nicole replies she loves Waverly. Jolene attacks Nicole, Bulshars ring comes back to Nicole, and Jolene tries to take it, but it burns her on contact. Jolene grabs Nicole by the throat and throws her into the closet (LOL).

Back at the Sheriff’s station, Wynonna and Mama are waking up. Mama and Wynonna have a beautiful bonding moment where Wynonna apologizes for thinking Mama was an asshole all these years and tells her about Alice. Mama realizes that the demon isn’t gone (FINALLY). We pan over to find Waverly in the Gibson Green House still crying. It turns out she’s not alone, and Jolene throws a knife in her direction. Mama and Wynonna start yelling for Nedley. When Nedley gets in there, they tell him about the demon after Waverly and how mama isn’t crazy. When they mention, Jolene Nedly tries to ask a bunch of questions about her so he can figure out who they are talking about. It is at this moment they realize who the demon is.

This is where the episode gets even tougher to watch. In the greenhouse, Jolene starts picking at all of Waverly’s insecurities. Jolene tries to say that Waverly is the dark thing Mama was protecting her from. She tells her that her father was a demon and she is a changeling. Jolene hands Waverly a knife and tells her to end it to make it right. While this greenhouse showdown is happening Nicole is still trapped in the closet. (Oh, the irony). Doc breaks down the door to let her out. Nicole tells him that Jolene is the demon after Waverly. Jolene goes into this whole sob story about how when Waverly the universe demand balance; because Waverly is so pure (AKA a freakin’ angel) she had to “crawl out of the muck.” After her story, Jolene says the worst thing she can and says that no one loves her. Waverly, sweet angel baby Waverly, remembers all the people that love her and is able to toss the knife away. This does not go over well with Jolene; she throws her aside. Wynonna comes it guns ablazin’ and shoots Jolene. Jolene prattles on about how Wynonna loves her, but Wynonna says “I love her more.” Before she can be sent to hell, Jolene is consumed by a tree.


Sobbing Uncontrollably (SYFY)


(Jolene was basically the manifestation of depression, which is probably why this episode was so incredibly hard to watch. It was giving a voice that is usually inside your head a physical form. It’s also why it took me so long to get through this rewatch and write this recap. It was a little to close to home. But I love this episode because it shows that you can beat the demon, even if that demon is inside your head.)




Back on the Earp Homestead, Waverly and Nicole get their sorry party. Nicole tells Waverly about how she was able to break the spell to say how much she loves Waverly. Waverly apologizes for not always updating Nicole, and all is forgiven. We end the episode with Wynonna visiting Bobo and Doc putting on Bulshar’s ring.




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