Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Joooleeene

Perviously on Wynonna Earp… We laid to rest one Xavier Pamela Dolls. Some Revenants got into to Dolls’ Dragon Juice. And Wynonna told Waverly that she knew where Mama had been all these years.

This week we hit the ground running, literally. Wynonna and Doc chase after a Revenant who stole some of the lizard drugs. Lucky for them, a tree moved right into the revenant’s path. (I mean like straight up walked. I knew there was something up with those trees.) Wynonna kicks the guy in the face but, as soon as she gets ready to shoot him peacemaker shorts out from lack of ammunition. Doc steps in to knock him unconscious for the journey back to BBD.


IMG_0765 2

We catch up with the man, the myth, the legend…. the potato licker! He’s wandering aimlessly around the forest, seeming to be a little lost. He happens upon a tree that appears to have an almost goo-like texture. And if we learned anything it was never touch the goo. Unfortunately, Potato licker didn’t get the message and straight-up licks the tree goo. He quickly realizes its blood and proceeds to freak out. (Which is totally fair given the situation.)

IMG_0768 2
Honestly, why would ou think that’s a good idea.

Meanwhile, Wayhaught is also walking around this über creepy forest looking for some answers. Nicole takes Waverly to the sight of the music festival she was nearly killed at to try to find some answers. Waverly asks Nicole is she’s managed to get rid of Bulshar’s ring. Nicole tells her she is looking for the perfect place to stash it. They talk a little about how the trees shouldn’t be that tall if there was a supposed forest fire 20 years ago. Not much later they run into potato boy, whose name is Robin. As Waves and Robin head back Nicole decides she’s found the perfect place to hide the ring and chucks it into the forest. You know, the forest with all the disturbing Bulshar trees. Super safe idea, Haught.

IMG_0770 2

Once they get Robin to the sherif’s Office, Nicole and Waverly catch up with Jeremy to talk tree growth. They are joined shortly by Wynonna, Doc, and the revenant they wrangled. Wynonna calls Nicole out for not sharing the fact that she was the survivor of a cult massacre that typically leaves no survivors. Nicole, not being one to take shit from anyone, let alone Wynonna, points out that Wynonna hid Mama from Waverly for years. Waverly brings them together and tells them to get their shit together and have each others backs. Doc says they have no ammo and Wynonna asks for some good news, which Waverly is happy to provide. Since they lost their phones in the woods and there’s no budget, Waverly suggests they use their old flip phones. We get a lovely Earp sisters moment where Wynonna tells Waves that Mama is doing better. Shocker, she’s really not and leaves a bloody message on the wall.

IMG_0774 3.png
“Boob Smash”

Back at Shorty’s Wynonna and Doc are on the hunt for some bullets and are coming up empty-handed. Doc seems to be really in THE mood, but before things get too steamy Wynonna finds the crib Doc made for Alice.

We get a little flash back to Wynonna visiting Mama before she left for Greece. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant visit, but it is clear that Mama does know something about Bulshar. She said that she knew he would come back and everyone would be doomed. (Real assuring Mama. Thanks.) Wynonna storms out after Mama tells her that Waverly can’t know about her where she is.

IMG_0775 6

When we get back to Wynonna and Doc they are sharing a moment. Only to be interrupted by Nicole. Which is a nice change of pace, considering its usually Wynonna walking in on Nicole and Waverly. She comes to get Wynonna because Nedley needs her help with the new city manager.

IMG_0777 2
“Oh how the turn tables.”

Over at BBD Waverly and Jeremy spend a little time bonding about the loss of Dolls and the fact that Jeremy needs to get out. He points out that he downloaded Tinder, but was the only one in 50 miles. Waverly does her best to try to set Jeremy up with Robin, but Jeremy doesn’t seem that into it. At least not until Robin actually walks in. Jeremy gets all flustered and stammers through an introduction. Waverly makes her awkward, yet totally adorable exit, to leave the two alone. Waverly grabs one of the flip phones and skip-a-doodles right outa there.

One slight problem in her plan, she grabbed the wrong phone. As she’s walking out of the  office she gets a call from the prison that Mama is at. Instead of informing Wynonna immediately, she decides it’s a good idea to go see her mom.

While Waverly is having her oh-so-lovely visit with Mama, Jeremy and Robin get to talking about the murder tree. (So many puns. So many beautiful tree puns.) Jeremy, rightfully, does not approve of the sap licking that occurred. They make a date to go visit the murder tree and Jeremy gets even more fluster and becomes to cute to handle.

Waverly gets to the prison and they bring Mama in. At first it seems like Mama is really happy to see her baby, but it doesn’t last for more than a few seconds. Mama starts screaming that she’s gonna kill Waverly and that she shouldn’t have come there. Waverly tries to reassure Mama that she’s not there to hurt her. Mama continues to yell and cream until the guard tases her. As Mama is being taken away, she’s muttering about killing a demon. Waverly, being confused about her heritage, is convinced that Mama is referring to her.

IMG_0780 5
All that was going through my head was “How dare you!!”

We catch back up with Jeremy and Robin wandering around the woods. (Super safe, I know.) They start sharing little bit of who they are with each other and its super cute. Unfortunately, they can’t seem to fins the tree Robin licked. (Which really isn’t all that surprising, considering they can move around as they please.)

Back at the municipal office, the new city planner is talking to Nedley about making budget cuts. Wynonna picks the perfect time to come barging in, taking about her cross border task force. The city planner seems to be relieved about Wynonna being a Marshall and decides that since they are being funded by the Government, the sheriff’s department doesn’t need anymore funding. Wynonna gives Nedley a pep talk about dealing with the justice department, and he says he’s getting too old for this. Wynonna tells him that if that’s the case maybe he should let someone younger stand in, like Nicole.

IMG_0782 5

While Nedley and Wynonna were talking, a sad Waverly entered the building. Wynonna immediately follows after her to find out whats wrong. Waverly tells her about the phone call and that she went to see Mama. Waverly also tells Wynonna about Mama wanting to kill her, which, as you can imagine, did not go over well with Wynonna. As soon as the words leave Waverly’s mouth, Wynonna takes off to deal with Mama.

IMG_0783 5

Jeremy and Robin are still in the forest, way more lost than they were when we last saw them. As they’re standing there trying to figure out where to go next, a huge cloud of fog rolls in. Robin informs Jeremy that he really don’t know much about the forest and that he is a Jazz Historian. He tells Jeremy it was the only job in town and he came back to take care of his dad. They do some more flirting and stumble upon a creepy random set of stairs. Jeremy feels it in his groin that they shouldn’t climb them and calls for the only one he thinks could get them out of there. John Henry Holliday.

Wynonna makes it to the prison just in time to catch Mama before she is transferred. Things don’t go exactly as planned and Mama grabs peacemaker and tries to shoot her way out of the situation. Peacemaker, obviously, doesn’t fire since she’s not the heir and instead whacks the guards with it. As the guard goes down she grabs a gun she can use, steals The Truck and takes off to deal with a demon. Wynonna tries to get the warden and his men to go after her. The warden decides it’s not worth the trouble and takes Wynonna instead.

IMG_0789 4
I love a good middle finger. 

While Wynonna is dealing with that, Nicole is comforting Waverly back at the station. Waverly tells Nicole about Mama calling her a demon and Nicole is quick to reassure her she isn’t and that Mama had a psychological break. (Waverly is no demon, but she just might be an actual angel.) Being the amazing girlfriend that she is, she went back to see what she could find for Waverly in the Archives. Nicole pulled the report from her arrest, but there isn’t much to go on. Enter Nedley, who tells Waverly about what really happened that night. That Mama had set the barn on fire with her youngest daughter inside.

IMG_0785 5

Doc shows up to the forest to rescue Jeremy and Robin. Before he can find them something strange happens. Doc hears a baby crying in the distance and goes to check it out. While on the lookout for this baby, a loud screech sound and scares the bejesus out of Doc. During this meltdown, Bulshar comes out of the fog. He tells Doc that he can either make sure he goes back there or never goes back. As we know Doc hasn’t been dealing well with the fact that he will end up in hell when he dies, making him a perfect target for Bulshar. (Tim’s “Please, forgive me” tweet makes so much since now.) Jeremy finds Doc before Doc can find them and interrupts the hallucination.

IMG_0787 4
Tim is so good with his face. Right in the feels every time.

Turns out they put Wynonna in the padded room Mama attacked her therapist in. The warden comes back and tells Wynonna that he can’t find anything about a cross-border task force and that her name has been flagged a fraud. Wynonna tries to talk her way into getting out, with very little success. The guard steps forwards and says that hell “take care of it” and make sure it looks like Mama did it. The guard is a Revenant and is trying to get rid of the Heir. Wynonna points out that it’s pointless because she had a kid. They banter a little, do a little fighting, and then Wynonna takes his head clean off with her handcuff chains. She strolls back into the warden’s office, steals his car, and leaves the head in his trashcan.

When Jeremy and Robin get back to the BBD office they go to check out the weird staircase photos. When they pull them up all that they seem to have is pictures of  mist. They make a few jokes about deals with devils. (Which is really ironic considering Doc just made one.) Jeremy says maybe they hallucinated together and Robin, low-key, suggests next time they should just go bowling. As he is walking out, Robin coughs up some tree goo. (Again Never. Touch. The. Goo.)

IMG_0790 4

Back at the homestead, we get some domestic WayHaught. Nicole and Waverly are curled up on the chairs in front of the fireplace listening to Mama’s recording from prison. Nicole brings in some tea for her girlfriend to help sooth her nerves. Wynonna tries to call Waverly to give a heads up about Mama showing up. Doc interrupts our nice moment looking for some whiskey. Waverly goes out to the barn to get him another bottle of whiskey. As Doc and Nicole are waiting Doc hears another voice on the tape and has another freak out.

When Waverly gets out to the barn, she finds Mama trying to do what seems like an exorcism. Waverly tries to calm Mama down, but Mama just says it’s too late and the demon is there. She asks Mama if the demon is her. Mama lets her know that she is not the demon but the demon is there for our brave little toaster. Waverly turns around and there she fins the demon Mama was talking about.

IMG_0794 4
Waverly screams are the worst kind of scream.

We leave Waverly mid scream and catch up with our latest gay (Robin) and find him checking on some plants out front. He goes to take a picture, probably to send to Jeremy, and gets dragged away by one of those walking trees.

By the time we get back to the homestead, Wynonna is pulling up. She runs inside to make sure Waverly is safe and stumbles on the funniest thing ever. Everyone with dopey smiles eating baked goods. She comes in asking about Mama when a woman, Jolene, walks in holding a tray of brownies and telling Wynonna that Mama is locked in the Barn. Before Wynonna has a chance to ask who the hells she is, Jolene shoves a brownie in her mouth. As soon as she takes a bite she becomes team Jolene. They all laugh and talk about the demon that wants to kill Waverly. And then the credits roll.

IMG_0796 4
This screams”Everything is fine” 

Catch this weeks episode Friday night 9/8c on SYFY

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  1. Amy K says:

    Awesome recap! A lingering question i have is this: Did Peacemaker not fire for lack of ammo or did the Bulshi…Bulshar tree have something to do with it. And why would it help WE by stopping the revenant? Better question who was in the tree?


    1. danynstv says:

      I think it was lack of Ammo. But the tree is suspicious. I think maybe it was the vampire from Ep 1. But again I have no idea


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