Heroes Get Remembered, But Legends Never Die

Previously on Wynonna Earp…. Bulshar reviled himself in a way none of us will ever forget, he took out one of our own. Agent Xavier Dolls went out in a blaze of glory and saved the rest of his team.

When jump right back in after the heartbreaking loss of everyone’s favorite lizard/dragon. Wynonna is handling it in the best way she knows how, whiskey. Lots and lots of whiskey. With her whiskey in hand, Wynonna is standing out in the woods calling for Bulshar to show himself. We flash over to Waverly and Nicole sitting by a fire just in case something happens. Waverly is worried that it isn’t a good idea, but Nicole reminds her. “She’s got Peacemaker, and us.” (WynHaught BrOTP owns me and I want more.)

This shot was so beautiful and so heartbreaking.

While Bulshar may not show up, they get some company nonetheless. A prick of a Revenant shows up to mock Wynonna and her grief, which is never a really good idea. Wynonna blesses us with some snappy one-liners and makes an attempt to hit him. Unfortunately she has had a little too much whiskey and misses completely. Thankfully she has some adorable back up and Waverly comes in shotgun ablazin’ and shoots the prick right in the prick. (Cue the very haunting and incredibly sad acoustic title sequence. Seriously gets me every time.)

It took me three times to catch this because I got so caught up in the acoustic song. But Yay

We catch up with Doc walking around Shorty’s and grabs Dolls’ scarf. Seems he is not as alone as he seems and Kate is sitting at the bar. They trade a few barbs, Doc about being tied to a stripper pole and Kate about being shot. Doc Kindly points out that he may of shot her but she did not die. Kate seems to be some sort of fortune-teller and stars reading Doc’s cards, and apologizes for Doc’s loss.

After Kate leaves, we head back to the Homestead where Waverly and Nicole are talking to a guy about caskets. Nicole tells Waverly that she wants a sky funeral, which is honestly so Nicole. Waverly says she’ll probably be buried in the family plot, and we are reminded once again that Ward is the biggest dick that ever lived. Funeral guy awkwardly says that there isn’t a spot for Waverly, that Ward only bought plots for himself, Mama, Willa, and Wynonna. Nicole gets super adorable and possessive when Funeral guy says that its important to have the conversations with their husbands. Wynonna comes in stating that she can’t deal with this and runs away in a very Wynonna-like fashion.

“Harold, they’re lesbians”

Wynonna heads outside to drink more whiskey and shoot things, because what else are you supposed to do when you’ve lost your demon lizard/dragon. Doc finds her out by the fence and comes to try to comfort her. He reminds her that they were all about to die and that Dolls saved them. He pulls her close and tells her about how they did funerals back in his days. This lights a new fire under Wynonna about getting Bulshar and Doc reminds her that first they have to take care of Dolls.

Mel and Tim are so good at breaking my heart. And I love it.

We head back inside where a majority of the gang is trying to plan a wake. Waverly gets all flustered and cute about sandwiches, Nicole reminds her that they don’t need that many because Dolls only has 5 friends. Doc gets snippy about Waverly being inappropriate and Nicole jumps to her defense. Waverly calls Doc cold and he throws a glass against the wall. After his outburst he leaves to go make sure there is enough liquor at Shorty’s, while Nicole and Waverly go to Dolls’ hotel and Wynonna goes to make sure Jeremy doesn’t do an autopsy.


When we catch up with Doc at Shorty’s, where there seems to have been a break in. While he goes to the wreckage in the basement all he thinks is missing is banana liquor (sounds worse than bubblegum sake if I’m honest). Again, it seems that Doc is not alone and someone is rummaging upstairs. There’s a new guy in town, and he seems to be here for Dolls funeral. They have a classic standoff, where he makes a comment about Docs mustache. Really not a great idea if you think about what happened to the last person to mock his ‘stache (RIP Lucado).

Our favorite couple heads to Dolls’ room at the motel and starts looking through his stuff.  We get a little more insight into both Nicole and the look that her and Dolls shared at the end of season two. She tells Waverly about the music festival she went to with her Aunt and Uncle. Said music festival was in the Ghost River Triangle and there was an attack. There were no survivors, except for one Nicole Haught (#UnkillableGaySquad). Nicole’s parents tried to say there was a forest fire and she had some how made it out. Nicole, of course, didn’t buy it because it didn’t explain the nightmares she has. Waverly is an amazing supportive girlfriend and listens and tells her that she’s heard the nightmares before. Nicole says everything kind of clicked together when she heard Widow Mercedes say Bulshar’s name. Nicole breaks down because she thinks its her fault he’s dead and Waverly is there to tell her that none of them could have done anything to save him. They find an envelope for Wynonna in Dolls’ drug case, but before they can take it to her Kate shows up and snatches Waverly’s bag.


Right before Kate shows up we get yet another wonderful WayHaught communication scene. Waverly starts voicing her concern about how maybe none of this is by accident. Nicole coming back to Purgatory was all part of some big thing and everything is pointless because they have no say in anything that is happening. Nicole reels her back in and says that, “if this is [their] destiny [she] is pretty darned stoked.”

While WayHaught is going through Dolls’ stuff, Wynonna makes her way over to BBD to make sure Jeremy doesn’t do an autopsy. Jeremy assures her that an autopsy is unnecessary because he knows what killed Dolls, the drugs. Jeremy tries to explain that Dolls knew what was going to happen and none of them could have stopped it. In classic Wynonna fashion, she gets pissed as all hell and tells Jeremy to pack his shit up he’s no longer needed here.


Wynonna heads over to Shorty’s to catch up with Doc and finds him with Quinn tied to the bar with twinkle lights. Doc catches Wynonna up on what had transpired earlier and that Quinn is here to pay his respects. Wynonna is confused about how he found out and Quinn tells them how they had a code they used so they could attend each others  funerals with BBD finding out. Quinn says that there was no way to save him without BBD drugs, and there was none left.

Or so they thought, turns out banana liquor wasn’t the only thing that was taken from Shorty’s. The Revenants that broke in also stumbled upon the drugs Rosita was working on. The guy Waverly shot in the dick injects himself with it and goes on and on about killing the Earp Heir right before he attacks one of his buddies.

After grilling Quinn some more, Wynonna decides to let him partake in the wake and cuts him lose. She leaves Doc in charge of watching him and heads over to the morgue. Nedley is standing guard because he is a wonderful human with a big ol’ heart, and he didn’t want BBD to try to come for him. Wynonna wonders why he didn’t just have Lonnie do it and he tells her he got eaten by vampires (poor Lonnie). Nedley tells her to get to the wake and that he will watch out for him until she figures it out.

Everyone heads over to Shorty’s for the wake and do a toast in his honor. Waverly pulls Doc to the side to tell him about her bag snatching incident and recruits his help. Doc and Waverly sneak out of the wake to go get back Waverly’s bag. Wynonna and Quinn get into a deep discussion about the rest of his Unit. He tells Wynonna that there is a possibility that BBD may come for wants left of Dolls and Wynonna finally figures out what to do with his body. Nicole heads down to the basement to get more booze and finds Jeremy looking through the stuff left down there. Jeremy notices that all the rejected formulas are missing and rightfully freaks out.

“To Dolls.”

Meanwhile, it seems the Revenants have made it to Shorty’s. Jeremy and Nicole rush upstairs to try to be of some help. Revenants are one thing, but revenants hyped up on demon dope is a whole other stories. All hell breaks loose in a matter of seconds as the revenants charge and Wynonna takes a few out. She makes her way behind the bar to give Doc a call while taking out a few more revenants.

Over at the Gardner residence, Waverly and Doc scope out the house that Kate is squatting at. When he sees Wynonna is calling he quickly shoves the phone to Waverly. Waverly answers, Wynonna tells her about the doped up Revheads, and Quinn gets a very unsettling look in his eyes. Waverly and Doc head inside the house and Kate is once again reading the cards, only this time for Waverly. Waverly tried to flip a table which is honestly too cute for words. Kate tell Doc that Waverly is fiery like Wyatt and Doc points out that she isn’t even an Earp. As Doc and Waverly leave, Kate draws another card and says the most comforting phrase, “She’s something alright.” (I lied it’s not really comforting. More along the lines of highly alarming.)

This was the cutest.

Back at Shorty’s Nicole and Wynonna have a bonding moment. Nicole tells her that this day isn’t about her, it’s about Dolls and the grief they all share over his death. Wynonna tells her about telling Jeremy to pack up his shit and leave and Nicole tells her she best go stop him then.

When Wynonna gets back over to BBD she hears Jeremy scream. She busts in the door because she may be mad at him but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t care. Quinn is there trying to get his hands on more demon dope by putting staples into Jeremy’s leg. Wynonna tells him to knock it off and they can find the drugs together. Quinn lets Wynonna in on the grand scheme of revenge. Wynonna talks him down and tells that this isn’t what his squad wouldn’t have wanted him to die for them.

Wynonna sends Quinn off with a threat of dismemberment is he shows back up for any other reason than to tell them that their contracts were destroyed. Wynonna gives him Dolls’ dog tags so that he can be with his friends.

After Quinn leaves, Wynonna heads back to the morgue and talks with Jeremy. They head back to the homestead, after having Dolls cremated, and they have a proper funeral. Each one of the gang takes their turn putting something in with Dolls. Waverly puts his scarf in, Nicole, his badge, Doc, a bottle of whiskey, Jeremy with his mug, and Wynonna left her Necklace on the headstone.

Remember how Dolls always brought this back to her. And now she’s leaving it with him.

After the funeral, the Earp sisters have a little fire at the homestead and Waverly gives Wynonna the envelope from Dolls. Inside there were two pictures, one of the whole Scooby gang at dinner and another of Wynonna. (I have a lot of feelings about just the single photo of Wynonna.) Waverly tells Wynonna about how there isn’t room for her in the family plot. Wynonna says it doesn’t matter because they aren’t gonna be buried there anyways. They are gonna be buried on homestead land side by side. Wynonna even says that Nicole can be buried with them; which Waverly tells her won’t be necessary because Nicole wants to be eaten by vultures and pooped out. As the Earp sisters have their moment Doc heads over to find some comfort of his own, with Kate.


Tune in next Friday on SYFY 10/9c.

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