Wanna See A Movie?

With many of us under lock down or quarantine thanks to Covid-19, we’ve found ourselves binge watching some of our old favorite shows or movies and even discovering some new ones. But if you’re anything like me, you’re yearning to go see a new movie out in theaters. The virus brought many new films to…

“Lucifer” Season 5A Review: A Scorching Hot Love Letter to Fans.

(Spoiler Alert: Ye Again Be Warned, There Be Spoilers Ahead…) Words…words to describe the first half off NETFLIX’s original show, “Lucifer’s” fifth season – well, I mean… -dead-. There was such anticipation for what was originally going to be their last season, that, well, it only fanned the flames higher. The outright palpable passion weaved…

“Lucifer” 5A Playlist

2 days to go, fellow #Lucifans and what better way to celebrate then by sharing with you all, the playlist from 5A? Now, Ye Be Warned – there be spoilers ahead.

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“Lucifer” Additional Season Five Photos

Hello there – can you believe that we are now only 22 days away from the season five, part A premiere of “Lucifer”? Trust us, we know all too well just how eager everyone is to finally see our favorite, crime solving Devil, return to us. Seems just like yesterday that he was saying good…

“Wynonna Earp” 4.02 Episodic Photos

“Friends In Low Places” – the 2nd epiosde of season 4 of Wynonna Earp is set to be very, very interesting and one that you all don’t want to miss.


Exclusive “Lucifer” Season Five Photos

The amazing folks at Netflix have just shared with us these brand new season five photos of “Lucifer”. Enjoy and don’t forget to save the date – August 21, 2020.

Give In To Temptation- Lucifer Season Five Poster

What a pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning – Netflix has released the official poster for its fifth and not yet final season. Naturally, fans of this brilliant show have been sent over the moon as a result. Today officially marks the one month mark until 5A is released. Between this poster, new…

Guess Who’s Back. Back Again. “Wynonna Earp” Returns

Everyone’s favorite, “crazy chic with a gun”, returns THIS Sunday – July 26th- and can I just say how awesome it is for this show to be back on the screen? As I’m sure you already know, 👀😅, the fate of Syfy’s “Wynonna Earp” was up in the air for the better part of several…